Australian Women’s National Team Thread - Our best chance at a World Cup


Maybe, maybe not, I think its an issue of competence.


Update from Gatt:


Gallop…Lets organise a press conference and inform the media and public about the current issues with the Matildas , then when reporters ask why Stajcic was sacked, he used every skill in the management book to avoid answering the question, pretty much wasted everyone’s time tonight


Yep and in doing so raised more questions and and thereby added more heat to the flame.

Also must have set a PB for sprint from said presser.


He’s getting deservedly rinsed from every journo in the nation after that. I’m tuning into Soccer Stoppage Time in a minute, even willing to sit through Lucy’s voice in the hope of them being able to provide a shred of information to this whole saga.


The FFA is determined to not learn its lesson from other PR disasters in recent years. It fails to take responsibility for the game despite being the governing body of football in this country.


Nahuel Arrarte will be on later, as well. For those who don’t know, he was a Matildas assistant who resigned as a result of Stajcic’s sacking.


SST is such a shit show of rabid slack jawed yokels (mainly WSW fans, quelled surprise). Zelic is pretty level headed and sane on this, which may be a little disappointing as we all want goo at this point. I think she is bang on here (which also includes calling for heads to roll higher up). Worth watching the twg show earlier today when she elaborated on this without the benefit of the frothing idiots at SST.


Never tuned in before but christ you’re right!

Although Gatty just provided a nugget. His sauces say the Matilda’s wanted Staj reinstated, Gallop point blank denied that in his presser. Second preference of the playing group is GvE apparently.

Gatt also implying there’s been an agenda from certain sections to have Staj removed in favour of a female coach, so they likely won’t be happy if players push for GvE.


What a bunch of fucking arsehats. Honestly, what kind of media environment do they think they operate in? I have absolutely zero training in any form of communications and even I could have told them this would not wash and would only create a bigger, more controversial story.

Fucking bunch of muppets. I wonder if it has anything to do with the recent changes to the FFA board? Although the reports paving the way for this complete ineptitude seem to pre-date that I think.


Not a chance. The lack of transparency at the FFA has lasted a hell of a lot longer than a few months or however long it was since Nikou got in?


The bit from Arrarte was enlightening. It may obviously be very hard for him to divulge the entire truth but seemed to indicate neither him or even Staj are aware of the specifics.

Even if he’s legally forced to play a straight bat there it is absolutely damning that as an assistant coach he was not asked to take one of the surveys, nor was he asked any questions by FFA or OurWatch or once any issues came to light. He has also not received a single phone call or email in response to his resignation. Staggering.

Surely, SURELY, Gallop can’t survive this.


Any truth in the rumour that Clem Ford is on the shortlist for the coaching job?


Oh I meant the arseing if Staj, not the transparency, that’s been shit forever. But Staj getting the boot, is anybody on the new FFA board part of instigating that? Or where the “surveys” done earlier?

Either way the whole thing seems to have been handled like a grade A fuck up and you would think someone at the FFA has to go for it.


ABC reporting that a quarter of the players were afraid to seek support. That is hypothetically four people out of a playing group of 20. Toxic culture, omfg!!! Sack the coach!!!1!!!

It would be interesting to see how those survey questions were actually put to the respondents and whether the result of the survey was a forgone conclusion in the first place.


OurWatch has come out and said they didn’t recommend the sacking of anyone in the team, only suggested that there was a culture issue.


Good summary here with a few insights I hadn’t seen before, include those behind a push for a woman to be coach.


I think this sums up a lot of issues surrounding this ‘business’.


FFA haven’t even seen the full OurWatch report yet?

And all the while they’re hiding behind confidentiality yet ABC have managed to see the initial report findings. Where else could that have been leaked from?