Cheerleaders 2018

Put a photo up once you get them back

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My favourite pair of shoes ever, never went back into production in this colourway. Pretty basic, but comfy as hell. Luckily Nike do something similar that actually has better arch support.

What happened to Pietro?

I think he got shitty because apparently i hate Jews because im Polish and my parents are racist…

That and we were calling out the Israeli genocide which is also anti-semitic

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I thought you hated Russians, Germans, Communists and Protestants?

I think we’re ok with the protestants

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Détente eh?

Completed my first ever Gran Fondo today. 100km ride. Last 20kms were a struggle, but pretty proud of myself given I’ve only been cycling for fitness for the last 8 weeks.

I’m sore, hungry, a bit sun and wind burnt, but chuffed to bits


Did you wear Gazelles?

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Congrats! That’s an amazing effort. How long did it take you?

Chaffed to bits!


In the end, a tick over 6 hours riding time. Was going gang busters until I hit the City and stupidly decided to go via Darling Harbour and Barangaroo and Circular Quay Opera House, and from there it was basically walking pace.

By the time I got to the OH, I had done 66kms which was still a PB for me, so decided to see how much further I could go. After a lap of Centennial Park I was 25kms from 100, by the time I got to the airport I was 11kms and just kept pushing on

As it grew hotter I was taking more longer breaks. Im pretty buggered but proud.

I’m no pro cyclist, I have a gravel REID bike, woth drop bars. But yeah very happy.


Thats phenomonal mate, well done!

Enjoy feeling like death warmed up over the next couple of days!

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Yeah, I know I’m gonna be sore AF tomorrow.

How’d you end up pulling up?

Not too bad in all.

My recovery meal was a Domino’s Pizza, 10 pack of wings and a bottle of Pepsi. #athleticdiets

Saturday and Sunday I was pretty sore. Walking up the hill to the game on Saturday, I certainly felt it.

By Monday I felt sweet, so chucked the bike in the car, drove to Centennial Park and did a 24km “recovery ride”. :joy:

Haven’t been out on the bike since Monday, was thinking of going out and doing the M7 from Prestons to Bella Vista & back on Saturday morning, but according to the weather forecast I may need scuba gear or a snorkel.



I got the C.P Company Sambas back from Sneaker Laundry. 9/10, total cost was $100 including return postage, suede fix and protection. $65 if you drop off and pickup and skip the extras. You do get a pair of shoe stretchers thrown in as well.


Not perfect, the suede is faded and has a couple of stains they couldn’t get out, but they look dramatically better than before.


Worth it to get rid of the creases