Cheerleaders 2018

The whole kerfuffle about the portrait is a classic case of the Streisand Effect.

The Streisand effect is an unintended consequence of attempts to hide, remove, or censor information, where the effort instead increases public awareness of the information. The effect is named for American singer and actress Barbra Streisand, whose attorney’s attempt in 2003 to suppress the publication of a photograph showing her clifftop residence in Malibu, taken to document coastal erosion in California, inadvertently drew far greater attention to the previously obscure photograph.[1] The effect exemplifies psychological reactance: where the desire to hide information instead makes its propagation more likelyBlockquote


My mother in law was saying that the artist has a whole bunch of “famous” people in his series and they’re all painted in a similar manner…

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I just assumed the artist was a bit shit

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I’d say his Gina is the one that has best captured his subjects essence.



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I’n no fan of Gina but she has a point, its pretty fucking rubbish

Who the fuck are these “gina rinehart supporters”? They should be bullied, fuck me what a pack of fucking losers.

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She gave a ton of money to Swimming Australia so now all the swimmers have to publicly say nice things.

And they say feudalism died. M’lord gifted me a new ox, hes a kind and gracious lord

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“It evolved into something I could never have imagined,” Hasemann told ABC Radio. “I’ve never been to a gallery. I’m a sports administrator. I don’t know why we have to defend ourselves. We privately did what the gallery encourages us to do: encourage debate.

“[We asked them] ‘pretty please will you mind taking it down?’ If they don’t, that’s their right.”

If you’ve never been to a gallery…?

She has her own little sports washing scheme and wasn’t that long ago that she sponsored Netball Australia until some skeletons were dug up.

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Dunno what the problem is here. It’s meant to be art. Art is subjective…

Nobody has the right to say what art should be like. If so it wouldn’t be art.

Every other artist wants to be ‘edgy’ so it’s not surprising that the portrait of Big Gina is a little unconventional…

Remember the Craig Foster Archibald Prize winner by Julian Meagher?

Made the chief football analyst look like a KX crackhead…

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To borrow from a mate, she can complain that it’s not flattering, but not that it’s not a good likeness


She’s the richest person in the country and donates to the museum.
She could"ve bought the painting, burned it and no one would be the wiser.

Now millions of people who would never have known the painting existed, do.

Guess I need to dumb myself down to make my millions.

Why are you doing her bidding mate? That’s what you have to defend you spineless wanker.


You need to inherit daddy’s mining empire that he got through unique privilege. And then misuse the trust fund and steal from your own children. Allegedly.