Cheerleaders 2018

That sounds like Incubus.

I feel dirty and sorry Wilfred Owen

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And the next one. This time with the woo woo!

Again it’s a well shot doco with a good score and some aesthetically pleasing scenery.

@Factor just before the hour mark there’s a scientist that gets into dark matter and cold fusion that H might find interesting.


We’ll have to check it out after Reckless tomorrow afternoon!

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Ignore that vid. My Dark Matter expert said it’s all rubbish.

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I love that you have a Dark Matter expert.


Wait. You’re telling me that the dark matter science in the big foot youtube documentary is bunk?


I was shocked too!

Wait you don’t?

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Actually, does Ken Freeman count?

What’s his 400m Individual Medley time?

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This is perfectly normal

What’s weird is that I always hear people say things like “I’d buy a Tesla except I can’t stand to give Elon a dime of my money”.

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Tesla drivers are the new Volvo drivers. Muskwits, the lot of ‘em.

The legal system gave them a chance to stop an utterly stupid outcome and yet they just voted for it straight up. How very appropriate for his boot licking followers.

Didn’t it initially get reviewed based on one guy objecting in court?

I cant remember who initiated it but a judge in Delaware struck it down because the board is just Elons cronies. It was 56 billion then I think. After that Musk moved the incorporation/registration (whatever it is) to Texas so he could try again.