Cheerleaders 2018

An extraordinary race!

We started painting out kitchen 2 weekends ago, fuck me it’s been much more work than expected. been 8 days now and we are finally almost finished. It’s been a nightmare due to how small our flat is, just nowhere to put things to dry, so we can only do little bits at a time. Had 28 different cabinets to put 3 coats of primer and paint on.

Looking so much better than before though!


yeah yeah nah fuck that.


Bit chilly

I’m so bored tonight.

I have two patients that are both waiting for a bed on a medical ward so they only need 4 hourly obs, no infusions running.

It’s the least intensive care I’ve done for ages.

So, to take it another way, you being bored is good?

For the patients it is yeah :grin:

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We know a couple that is moving to Launceston this weekend. :rofl:

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In my partners ward the last 10 days, they’ve had this teenage patient come in from Egypt via another London Hospital (born in UK, so can get free UK treatment) with the most aggressive cancer in his mouth. The mass was growing so quickly, he had a tracheostomy so he could breath, but the mass was growing so quickly that it was pushing it sideways and his first day in the ward he almost bleed out from the mass.

Doctors gave him 24-48h to live last Friday. My partner asked him if there was anything they could do or get for him. He had told her he was a massive Man Utd supporter a few days before, so when he said he didn’t want anything, she said what about if we got you a jersey. He was really happy about and wanted his name on the back. So the nurses got together and bought a jersey for him and one of them ran around central London trying to get the name and number done as most places were sold out of the letters needed. He was so happy when they presented him with it and they hung it up on the wall for him. Fuck nurses are awesome

Anyway, my partner came back in on Monday morning (she’s the ward sister so doesn’t work weekends) fully expecting this kid to have passed away over the weekend. Miraculously, his condition has improved considerably, the experimental/trial drugs they had administered the week before have worked wonders on his tumour and it has decreased in size as of yesterday by 3/4! He is now able to talk again, pain medication is way down and is up and walking around. They are even discharging him today and seeing him as an outpatient. Amazing stuff.

Edit: forgot the mention, the hospitals in Egypt said he had no more treatment options left, the first London hospital basically said the same at their hospital but thought he was better off going to my partners one as they are the leading teenage cancer unit in Europe so may be able to offer a treatment.


United’s first win in years!


They should take the jersey off him, the lying bastard!


If she’s got the energy maybe she could drop a line to the ManU offices. Maybe they would do something nice for the kid? Lovely effort from them though!

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I miss our pre-season tour of the suburbs


Perks of the job.

A Porsche dealership has sent out team several boxes of ‘artisinal’ cupcakes to thank us for some tough deals we’ve helped them with.

This is how Milos Ratovic must have felt…just minus the balaclavad thugs.

What is it with car dealers & cupcakes. :joy:

Edit - they’re actually fucking delicious.


There was a cupcake joint in Surry Hills that did huge trade with PR firms… They had all sorts of flavours but the vanilla one they did was the best.

I suppose theyre relatively cheap, grammable and innofensive. Good for brand assosciation.

I just love how into this shit Les is.


Wasn’t he writing a thesis on stadiums at some point?

I think he’s already written it and In this article it mentions; "Author and football fan Les Street, who is writing a book on every Australian national league football ground"

This is Les’ article

Off the top of my head it was a Masters Thesis on every ground in the NSL.

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