First Gear-Grind of the new Forum


It’s the worst on a Tuesday night. I drop in on my way home from training (8pm) and they’ve already removed the specials tags from that week (specials run Wed-Wed) and started setting up the specials for the following week. Not only are there trolleys everywhere, there’s boxes and loose stock in the aisles.


Spent almost two hours waiting and stuffing around at the GP to get my hand looked at and a tetanus shot after the fence collapse last night.

What a waste of a Saturday morning.


That’ll teach you for being a soccer hooligan.


XKCD weight into the portrait - landscape muck:


It’s all about intended viewing. If you’re shooting for a cinema screen or TV, then it’s landscape. If you’re shooting for social media then it’s portrait.


Newsreaders not pronouncing names correctly.


People, especially on radio or TV, saying’the proof is in the pudding’, people saying (or so much worse, writing) ‘chest of draws’, people who write ‘hanger’ when they’re referring to a ‘hangar’.


people who get in the lift in an office block to travel one level - when there are perfectly accessible stairs to use instead


‘Fat cunts’


People who wear sunglasses at night, esp while wearing red and black


But what if it’s to watch you weave and breathe your storylines?


On several occasions I’ve shown up at games without my glasses, and prescription sunnies that live in my backpack were my only option for the players to not look like fuzzy blobs. Is that okay?



I wear glasses and I hate those fucking things. That horrible, halfway, brown tint you get when the light don’t dark but it ain’t full light either. Like you’re wearing some 70’s style sunglassses. No thanks.


You should try the current version.


This sounds like a lyric from an 80’s rap song.


We have to contractors in working on our instruments. They should be working separately by one the guys just won’t shut the hell up. He’s been told off for constantly talking to one of our other analysts, to the extent that we’ve made mistakes from him talking, so now he’s decided to walk up to the second contractor and chat to her while he waits. Usually I wouldn’t care but the second contractor sits right behind me doing her work.

8 hours a day of this dickhead bitching about people at work


I have the something like that.
civilian worker that sits behind me, gets random calls from her friends during the day and then talks for an hour about the dumbest stuff about her kids and things on TV. Loud the whole time and then saying dumb stuff like “coolio, okies bye”


This guy is a terror to deal with. I’m a scientist working in a commercial lab and he’s just meant to help with instruments repairs, supply and in between, working independently doing method development.

I’ve made it my job to learn as much about our instruments as I can, so I can do our repairs myself to save time, so I’m pretty good with them. Sometimes I ask him a yes or no question, just so I can confirm a theory or process, average response time is 5 minutes.

The other day I asked him to bring in two spare parts. He lectured me 4 times on how to clean the parts, despite the fact that I told him each time that it’s exactly what I do. Then he proceeded to tell me each time, that I should tell him earlier if I need the parts as it might take some time for him to source them, I told him each time I don’t need them desperately, it’s just precautionary.

Every fucking time…


the clear problem here is people.

get rid of them, no problems.