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Nihilists! Fuck me. I mean, say what you like about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it’s an ethos.


So, my mum has been dealing with COVID for the past few weeks. Amazingly, it’s the first time any of the immediate family have had it, at least that we know. She’s a health professional, so extra caution recommended.

Also, my aunties are visiting from overseas soon, and she’s been very careful with sanitising surfaces and not infecting my dad or me, while also preparing for her sisters’ visit. I’ve been completely away from their place, though I’d usually be helping with the preparation for guests. Small common areas like a car, she’s wearing a mask.

So, some tradie in a neighbouring car thinks it’s hilarious to roll down his window and cough mockingly.

Pretty sure we’ve known about germs since about 1600. Seems the pandemic, rather than reenforcing basic hygiene, has turned some people into utter grubs.

This is the way they process them, it’s the same for us, takes ages and the Psychologist needs to do extra paperwork.

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The tennis is on in the other room and the match has changed.

I can hear Brenton Speed. FFS.

Why do people have to be absolute morons on the road, even on public holidays?

I think you answered that.

It’s because they’re people… And people suck.


Also being in a car removes people from humanity. People in cars are the worst.


Sister in law got covid mid week. Turns out its still a thing.

This morning the father in law tested positive.

We’ve stayed at the in laws all week…



There is no water falling on your heads, put away those goddamn umbrellas you turkeys. Everywhere, every time.

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On my commute to work I have to change from the Metro to the train at Chatswood. The change is easy as the train departs from the platform directly opposite where the Metro arrives.

This morning the Metro arrived at the same time as the train so everyone on the Metro had to quickly jog from one side of the platform to other. The first guy out of the door from the Metro ran across the platform, moved one inch inside the train and then paused for a few minutes to consider whether to go upstairs, downstairs or remain in the vestibule - in so doing he completely blocked the door way for the 20 people following behind.

So my question is this, would it be wrong to shoot him in the face?


I won’t lie. It would be a story reaction but that doesn’t necessarily mean it would be wrong

It would be wrong to shoot him in the face once.

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Two in the chest, once in the back of the head for good measure. I saw it in a movie once.

Jury: We find the defendent “Not guilty”.

So ive worn a size 38 waist pair of jeans for the past 5-10 years or so. They’ve always fit around the waist without any issues. I currently have 2 pairs of jeans, size 38 that fit perfectly. I need to replace them so been shopping around. So far have tried on about 10 different types of jeans, the 38 has varied from, “impossible to even button”, “slightly tight to button”, “fits perfectly” and “way to big so the pants fall off”. Since when has a size 38 been subjective?

Just get relaxed fit in the next size up and pretend it’s the 90s.

Just had a 15m branch from a neighbour’s eucalyptus crash into our backyard (probably 30cm diameter), narrowly avoiding our roof by maybe 50cm. Took out part of my fence and probably would have killed someone if they were out there. What shits me is that we asked the owner to take care of that tree a few years ago after another branch came down and destroyed our solar panels. She started claiming that we were harassing her, causing mental health issues etc, despite the fact that all we were asking was she regularly trims it back. Now I don’t have a backyard while we’re waiting for strata to sort their stuff out.

My cousin had a tree come down on her house a couple of years ago. Straight through the baby’s room where thankfully she wasn’t. I think over 18 months to get it habitable again. Crazy.

I’ve had 2 blue gum branches come down in the past 3 weeks, one ripped rear guttering off and a row of tiles, the second left a 40cm hole in the apex of the roof and needed another 15 tiles to be replaced, my garden is trashed and the gutter’s still not repaired.

I’m trying to have the safety conversation with the neighbour whose tree it is via the strata but it’s not really progressing.

I planted kurrajongs and a she-oak.

Gum trees suck.