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Thats a fair point. It’s not jot just capitalism, society, but all life itself is nothing but a doomed ponzi scheme.

Vote Nihilism 2024


8 billion people on the planet is it now?

I reckon Homo Sapien Sapiens would comfortably survive with 10, 000 people.

The world doesn’t need me adding to it.

This is not to say that I think people shouldn’t have kids. Do as you want.

If the government manages to fix the economy to a point that a worker on a median single income can afford a median priced house in a capital city and raise 3 kids, I’ll consider it. Otherwise, they can suck my dick and balls.

I’m hoping that the brief window of time between the development of robots that can perform all the servile tasks usually performed by the young and said robots achieving sentience and becoming our tyrannical overlords will neatly align with my planned retirement.


I didn’t choose to be brought into existence and yet I must follow all the arbitrary rules created by other people who also didn’t choose to exist, just in order to continue to exist. Someone made up the “correct way to exist” and if that involves creating more people who didn’t choose to exist, then I will continue to exist in the wrong way.


Parenting is dangerous. 100% of parents end up dead.

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I recommenced uncling.

Stir the kids up and then give em back to your sister.

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Sounds like a female friend I used to know. She was so late that we thought she was on Perth time instead.

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Have had this nagging light cough for a few weeks which this week turned into full on coughing fits on Monday.

Called work yesterday to say I’m having a sick day and my Boss says; “Don’t forget to get a medical certificate.” I didn’t get to a Doctor because I slept all day so went to the Doctor today to get the certificate.

I call my Boss to say that the Doctor has told me to take the rest of the week off and he says; “Look, maybe you can see if you’re feeling better and come into work earlier than that.”

So remind me again why get this bit of paper when you want to ignore it anyway because it doesn’t suit you?


We haven’t learnt anything have we?

Of course not.

This of course would have been solved if I was allowed to work from home but that option was taken away ages ago.

Go in and insist on a 1:1 meeting with him in the smallest meeting room you have


My wife’s bff saga continues. They finally made plans to go out today. Was meant to be 930 meet in Bondi Junction. The bff has now shifted it as she needs to meet with the ring maker at 10am in Chatswood and will call my wife when shes done.

It’s 1045 and obviously no call yet. Issue we now have was my wife was going to come back by 2 as my mum can only babysit till 2 and ive got soccer till 3…

Still not sure how the fuck people like this function in life.

Update, bff was in Chatswood and now theyre meeting in the city. Was meant to call my wife when she was finished in Chatswood to save travel time to the city. She messaged at 1115 she was already in the city ready to meet. We’re in West Ryde…

Just wow. Almost “just don’t go” at this stage

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What a massive cunt

Does her friend have ADHD at all?

Sounds like a lot of executive functioning not firing when it should between the inability to make a decision, always being late, not being able to plan or know how long things take, trying to do too many things at the same time and not remembering to message etc.

You’re just an afterthought at that point. Which is fine if you’re not structuring your day around someone who thinks of you that way.

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She just sounds like a cunt tbh.