First Gear-Grind of the new Forum


Strolling down to Centrelink is considered working now?


Anyone who sits on the stairs on the train can join them.


As they’re the driveway and off the public road, is that the demarcation?


When you’re sitting on the window seat on the bus and need to get off and rather than get up and let you out, the person on the aisle swivels their legs to the side a bit.


People who do that get a face full of backpack for their troubles.


Wait until the bus is braking “lose your balance” and give them a face full of arse?


I make sure to tread on their feet.


Yeah, not sure. Perhaps that’s it.


I usually give them a face full of dick.


What about chicks brushing their hair all over you from the seat in front? Cog-strippingly fucked up if you ask me.


Thankyou SFC. It may only be a Maccas coffee, but it’s a free one nonetheless.


When you’re on a budget airline and the person in front of you pushes the seat adjust button and slams the seat back as hard as they can.


And the meal tray arms bury themselves in your kneecaps?
And they wont put their seat back up at meal times?
Don’t get me started on economy class air travel…


The size of bags people take as carry on to planes really triggers me.


We covered this on the old forum a few times, which reminds me… I flew Jetstar back from the FFA Cup Final, they seem to have implemented mandatory measuring & weighing of carry on. Some bird got done for being over weight, was carrying huge amounts of shit (obvs too cheap to check a bag), and I watched on rubbing my hands with glee at karma catching up with her.

Only she proceeds to “re-pack / reorganise” her bags, by just taking stuff out and leaving it on the floor of the terminal, before heading back to get re-weighed and getting her little sticker. It was all in full view of the gate staff, they just didn’t have the stones to deal with it. Almost as disappointing as the game tbh. :tired_face:


I hate that I’ve reached an age where four beers can give me a hangover.


You used to drink four mid strength beers at the SFS but now it’s 4 pints of 8% New England IIPA. Nothing to do with age :wink:


4 mid strength beers at the SFS makes me feel shitter than 8 beers anywhere else


I know my limit now - if I drink anything after 5 beers, the next day is going to be really rough.


As F. Sinatra said : “I feel sorry for people who don’t drink, because when they wake up in the morning, that is the best they are going to feel all day.”