First Gear-Grind of the new Forum


Utd sacking jose >:(

Probably end up with zizou now too :’(


It’s a good thing IMO


Third world transport again… the last 3 times it has rained the cunting bus I am on leaks and manages to douse us as if it’s an open top job.


The trains this last week and a half has been some of the worst they have been in quite a while.


Everything about present wrapping is the worst.


Organizing a trip to Brisbane for 64 people over the xmas new years period. Last time I ever do this shit again


Why is it that when I am working out in the gym and go for a mouthful of water at the cooler between sets there is always some bogan filling up their 2l bottle.


Add old people to that… their sick for a chat at the water fointain.
Speaking of gym grinds:

  • people who take plates off your rack/bench without asking
  • people who take up whole communal areas for their shitty warm-up/ cool-down/ hiyiya calisthenics
  • the worst of the worst… People playing music off their phones so the whole world can hear


Generic road trippin’ in Australia grind:

  • People who sit in the right lane because in their minds they’re doing the speed limit, therefore nobody should be going faster than them anyway.

  • Anyone who does about 10kms under the speed limit but the as soon as the overtaking lane opens up, speeds up. These are often grey nomads with caravans.

  • Cops who set up speed traps where overtaking lanes are to profit from victims of the previous point.

  • 110km/h speed limits roads that could easily be 120 or 130.


^^^ that second one should be punishable by death.

Generic Festivus period grind goes out to those parents whose devil spawn are allowed to roam the streets and senselessly let off bungers at all hours. I hope every single one of them loses an eye and/or finger, cunts.


To add to this:

*people that leave all their workout equipment on the ground when they’re done
*people that grunt like fuck when working out so the whole gym hears
*people that don’t put their weights back in the right spot. There’s a fucking number right next to where you put it dickhead


Plus, people who sit on equipment staring at their phones.


Plus people that use benches for no other purpose than somewhere to put their phone/notepad/water bottle.


Bet 365 advertisements.:angry:


T1 trackwork for four days straight including two work days. Absolute shambles this morning.


All betting site ads.
The fact that SFC is sponsored by a casino.
Means I, for one will not buy a new shirt until they get a new sponsor.
Fucked if I’m going to be a walking advert for a casino.


Never mind yesterday - Transport NSW got more buses after yesterday’s debacle and somehow it managed to be even more fucked up.


I used to hate this as well (to the point where I’d leave my phone in the locker) but these days there are so many handy apps on your phone for both workouts and music that it makes sense to have a phone on the gym floor. Between sets I use my phone to track reps, time my rest and check what my next exercise is. I’ll do this sitting on equipment during rest (anywhere from 30s to 3mins depending on the set).



Pretty much “successful people read, so here’s an app for those who can’t be fucked that dumbs books down to 15 minute summaries, or if you can’t even be arsed to read a 15 minute summary, you can listen to the 15 minute summary.”

Go fuck yourself.


Following on from Jubal’s fun and games with Optus, I’m going to add Vodafone to the list of cunt organisations that should be blacklisted.

We’ve had a corporate account for years, late last year we started receiving a second bill detailing a service we know nothing about and didn’t sign up for. Calling to enquire was futile, they insisted we needed to provide the PIN number for that second account in order to establish that we had authority on it… I mean, how the fuck can we provide the PIN for an account we know nothing about?

Weeks of back and forth later we are told to report it through their “ID Theft” department, which involves completing a stat dec and having to waste our time and police resources popping down the cop shop to obtain a police report. They are insisting we do this before lifting a fucking finger to open it up on their system and investigate how and why we are being billed for this new service. I’ve had a gut full and reported them to the Ombudsman.

Great business model they have. Manufacture new charges and then fob the complaining customer off deluxe, put the burden back on them to go to ridiculous lengths to prove you fucked up.