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Had the same thing happen with Telstra last year. I’ve never even held an account with them and started getting a paper bill for a mystery 60 bucks. Went round and round with them for nearly 12 months accruing hundreds of dollars in “interest” before they wiped the debt. Fucked that the burden of proof ends up on you to prove you never started the account. Apparently the scammers sign up online for a 2 year phone plan with your ID, get the phone delivered somewhere friendly, never pay the bill and then sell the phone.


I see. That explains why there is zero usage on the bills, they’ve just on-sold the handset.

Amazing that you can sign up online without having to prove ID, but then we have to jump through all the hoops after the event.


I know we’ve already discussed some public transport things (and this may already have been mentioned) but fuck people who lean on the pole in the middle of the vestibule on packed trains. The other four people relying on that pole suddenly have barely anywhere to hold on.


This drives me up the wall. Especially considering my commute trains are always packed. Usually just grabbing the pole and a bit of their shoulder and saying excuse me gets them to move. Still blows my mind that people are just that oblivious though.


Never underestimate how many absolute wasters there are, forced into an existence they never asked for. Public Transport is perhaps the best showcase of this, followed closely by supermarket self service and WSW home games


Add to the list of transport grinders people who think they need to wait for the Opal gate to close after the person in front of them before they can scan theirs.


What about the fools getting on the train looking at their phones? At 1.9m and 115kgs, I enjoy smashing them aside as I get off…


Doing God’s work mate.


Try & avoid needing bifocal/multi focal lenses as you approach your 50s if you can, pain in the arse.
I picked my multi focals up this morning.
The Optometrist said it only takes a week to get used to them but I’m struggling with merging between long sight and near sight, switching between the tele & my phone screen, I find myself reverting to looking over the top of my frames to read my phone which kind of defeats the purpose of spending $500 on Multifocals really…


It’s hard to get used to but eventually you won’t even notice. I had them when I was in primary school, took me maybe a month before the only way I noticed the transition between long and short was by actively looking for it.


I needed them when I was a teenager but whatever I did to my eyes I don’t need them anymore. Reading books and computer screens are all good now.


Melbourne trains are somehow worse than Sydney ones. Way less clear signage and even worse etiquette from the passengers.


That’s because the passengers are Victorian.


Just want to reiterate my annual loathing of summer. Fuck it right off. This weather is complete bullshit.

Making this intolerable weather even worse is how it melts the brains of everyone in Sydney and brings out the slow walkers.


Going back to public transport issues- people who stand on the right of the elevator despite 3/4 of the elevator length of people standing behind them waiting to walk up.


Give me sydney summer. Had 200mm of rain yesterday, expected to be worse again today. What a bullshit long weekend.

First gear lubrication on the new forum

I am really over football managers getting dressed up in suits and ties in the middle of summer. Why FFS?


Fucking this


It’s the coaching equivalent of people in heavy hooded rainjackets in the stands?

“Cos the cool kids do it in Europe” :sweat_smile:


They’re going to work and representing who they work for, the club. They are there to set a standard. They can also wear whatever they feel carries, displays or sets that standard.

Plenty of people wear a suit to work everyday all year round no matter the weather. Just because coaches and managers don’t work in an office environment doesn’t mean they should dress with any less sophistication.