First Gear-Grind of the new Forum


I’m just happy our guys don’t have massive embroidered sponsor logos on their shirt collars.


they need to get us orange suits


The expectation that office workers wear suits regardless of the weather is also pretty dumb. It’s like this insane compact where I’m uncomfortable, the person I’m meeting is uncomfortable, but we both agree that we’ll judge each other negatively if we wear something else.

There’s nothing sophisticated about adhering to dumb traditions for no practical reason.


I do agree with that, especially with our weather and extreme heats/humidity. No different to having to wear a collared shirt, jeans and nice shoes when trying to get into a nice bar. Sure it looks good, but the fact that by the time you walk in, you’re covered in a greasy layer of sweat defeats the purpose.


Ties and tight collars also reduce blood circulation to the brain leading to dumb decision making. Do I have to provide examples?


Always thought Muscat in a suit looked weird. Would be so much more appropriate if he wore one of these:



Reminds me of when I went to the Big Day Out the year that NIN played and there were people walking around in 38 degree heat wearing long black trench coats.


I’ve often wondered why this is still persisted with.
If you have a face to face with someone then have a suit on standby, do a newsreader for skype calls, but clean, non offensive, respectable clothes and shoes should be the norm. Surely a comfortable, relaxed worker would be more productive and respond better under pressure. Have guidelines because there’s always one idiot but most men would wear a polo or collared shirt with jeans/shorts and women a dress or top with skirt/jeans anyway.


From what I can see, working in a Government agency that spends a lot of time talking to other Government stakeholders, the public sector is moving away from the suits-all-the-time expectation. and it only seems to be an expectation for meetings with very top executives. Even ties are becoming much less common.


I don’t wear suits anymore, shirts and casual chinos are still seen as professional. No chance I could ever wear shorts though. Even those that wear t-shirts and jeans (no contact with customers/vendors) wouldn’t dare to wear shorts.


I work for an NSW Government department and its 90% trousers and a shirt, a small number wear suits, usually senior civil servants or jumped up lackeys who want to pretend they’re important.


I also work for a government department.
I wear full overalls all of the time. Count your blessings.


Or the graduates who have an inflated sense of their own value.


I absolutely love wearing a suit. Short of wearing one when I’m sitting in my office area at home, any excuse to dress up, I’ll take it.

I’ve never felt uncomfortable in one, even in the middle of a humid Sydney summer.

But, I certainly get that it’s not for everyone.


I like football managers in suits, versus tracky dax.

One looks professional, the other looks like the kit boy.


I work in a lab, shorts and a tshirt during summer, the lab coat covers it all anyway :smiley:


Our new grads just started and are all in full suits despite the fact it is fuck off hot and humid. Hopefully they get some sense soon.


Stuck in traffic on Parramatta road this morning (standard) but had time to realise the kerning on the letters of the Concord Oval hedge is horribly inconsistent. Needs to be burnt to the ground.


We once had someone come to a job interview in jeans and sandals…