First Gear-Grind of the new Forum


Most people in the navy that work in offices wear the white pants and shirt ensemble. when you are in somewhere hot the shorts are excellent.

but because I work for a department that organises the fleet I get to wear the camoflauge uniform, which means no ironing for me


I went from media (gym clothes from lunch) to government! Gear shift to say the least. In saying that my standard is an untucked oxford shirt, chinos and boots. Surely it’s a better look to be in well styled office casual than cheap fitting suits?


still remember years ago, we were looking at apartments to buy and we made the mistake of going to a showroom for early release. The agent we were talking to had a cheap bright blue suit on in the middle of summer. The BO coming off of him put me off completely


Only problem is it weighs about 7kg and doesn’t breathe in the hot


oh yeah its terrible for that.

supposed to be getting the new version this year…


I still think the navy wearing camo fatigues is the 7th funniest thing ever.


Well when you can find them why don’t you tell them that. In the meantime just go down to GI and yell nonsensical ramblings through the fence at all of the invisible people :slight_smile:


when they decided that we would wear camo they said it was all about corporate branding, having the three forces wearing the same uniform in different colours to show we are the ADF or some such.
somehow I think we could have survived easy enough wearing blues and overalls.

in other news, some annoying customer service.
ordered a new band for my Garmin Fenix 5 watch. I just have the standard garmin black one so I ordered a fluro yellow one for something different.

ordered from a website and a week later my item arrives, I open it up and they have sent me a green band for a fenix 3 watch. the bands are completely different, not only a different colour but they aren’t interchangeable at all.

Send them an email saying hi you sent me the wrong thing by mistake can you please send me the right one, here’s a photo of what I got. thanks.

they replied apologising and then gave me these 2 options.

1. If you have a use for the item you have received, we can refund you 50% of the cost and you may keep the item as an apology (we are more than happy to absorb the costs associated for our error and skip return process)

2. If you still have the original packaging, place the item in there and mark it as “RTS”. The package will the be sent back to us at no cost to you once you drop it off in a post box. Once the return has been confirmed we can issue you with store credit immediately to purchase another item.

I simply replied saying that neither option is appropriate and I would like them to send me the correct one straight away and I will mail the wrong one back to them because I have no use for it and didn’t order it.
They said ok.

Am I being cynical in thinking their options were pretty dodgy and I should have just been sent the proper item without having to ask for it 3 times?


I did a grad program in a relatively small government department whose head insisted that all grads wear suits and ties. I dropped the tie at one of my off-site placements and the manager, who had been through the same grad program, told the head, who from then on pointedly commented on my tie every time she saw me. Needless to say I left that job and haven’t worn a tie since, despite being in various (fairly senior) government settings.

I plan to go tieless to my next job interview and if anyone has an issue with it that’s their problem. Don’t mind wearing a jacket (inside) though.


The capes are wearing them now, not sold on the pattern but wearing something lighter up here would be a godsend


Yeah I’m just happy with the lighter material.
The gold and black namebar looks dumb.
Just go with the same as the army and raaf.

Also the high vis stripe on the legs?


In case you fall overboard, no? That was the reason for it being on the overalls.


Sounds like one of those small government agency fiefdoms. Good thing you got out early as they are home to the worst types of people.


how is the high vis stripe on the legs going to help me in the water?


im guessing if you fall in?


Medicare service centres, who have nearly perfected the art of wasting people’s time.

Got sent away from one today for not having my wife’s photo ID when wanting to transfer onto her card. Called up later to clarify, and was told by two separate people that I’d never needed it in the first place. Not surprising because it isn’t mentioned on the form anywhere — I just wish the person assigned to me at the centre had realised/admitted as much when I questioned it, rather than doubling-down.


The same way the pissy little light, shitty orange whistle and the ability to tread water for 10 minutes does.

Seriously though, if you fall overboard at night you would have no chance of being seen. That shit is highly reflective under spotlights from a fair distance away so the dibbies will spot and maintain a visual on you right up until the OOW gets their approach wrong and sails over the top of you.



Just getting adequate sea room, sir


Just think how many USS Indianapolis sailors the sharks would have got if the sailors had 3m reflective strips on their legs.

Too soon?


was sitting in the boat waiting to go rescue oscar one day, couldn’t see him anywhere. everyone is looking for him, where’s he gone?

then you just hear this gentle thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud of oscar bouncing along the ships side.

found him OOW, well done.