First gear lubrication on the new forum

Can’t find the old thread.

A southerly change on a stinking hot day.

Isn’t that what Cheerleaders is? I’m very confused.

But yeah southerly changes are the best. Sitting in front of that window now and I’m not moving.

Personally, I like the polarity of gear grind and gear lubrication.

Would you say it lubricates your gears?

nothing better than sleeping with the window open!

Not a lot of action in this thread, we must all be too curmudgeonly…

Just discovered that Kayo are now showing a range of mind numbing yet still strangely entertaining rubbish from ESPN8, yes, The Ocho lives.

Cherry Pit Spitting, Chess Boxing, Lawnmower Racing, Tetris World Champs and of course Dodgeball. What off season?

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The word curmudgeonly lubricates my gears

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Knocking shop

Rins bashing Marquez on the last corner to take the British MotoGP.

Is that two in a row he’s been done on the last corner?

Yep. Dovi duffed him on the last corner at the Red Bull Ring.

He’s a great rider, and it’s awesome to see him ride, but seeing him get done on the last corner is awesome.

They also have re-runs of classic A-League games.

Currently cooking steak with my anova sous vide jobby. Only done a shitty coles rump so far but it was the best one I’ve ever had. Got a scotch fillet going now.

I’ll never go back to cooking on the fry pan

How long did you have it on for? Is it fairly easy to use?

2 hours at 167f. Just pop the steak in a silicone bag and drop it in a big pot of water. The unit does the rest. Quick sear after is done and you have a perfect steak.

Oh God yes. YES!

In all the debate over HAL catchments I don’t recall seeing the Red Rooster line before. That map is amazing.

Fuck yeah! Now I never have to go west of Annandale again!

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