Football kit thread

I’m frankly shocked we don’t have one of these already.

AIK have just released this:

Bloody hell. It’s just so perfect.

Yeah that’s lovely.

Was discussing at our game on Saturday that Roma consistently have the best looking kits in world football, the next day their third kit for next season got leaked (in honour of the kit they wore for the 92 Italian cup, and for the super kit nerds a rumoured return of the Nike sportswear logo)

Leaked look at what is supposedly next seasons Man United kit…


A black tag icon references the exact dates Manchester United won the Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League in 1999

The Manchester United kit includes a label on the sleeve of the minute Ole Gunnar Solskjaer scored the winning goal against Bayern Munich in the 1999 Champions League final

That’s gonna be awkward if they fire Solskjaer.

Wouldn’t they use that in a charity game this season or something.

Might be a prank…if you’re a fan you’d fucking hope so…

That’s horrific

Horrific both in terms of how it looks and in terms of what it’s shilling.

I read on twg that the FA have restriction on 250 square cm for a front of shirt sponsor, so I’m guessing it’s a stunt for pre-season games only.
edit: Just saw elsewhere that it’s 200 cm2.

Yeah the FA have already asked questions:

So yeah here is the actual kit with no shirt sponsor:

Looks nice.

I don’t mind sponsors but they need to make a rule about the sponsor suiting the jersey properly.

Not something ugly and different colours.

That’s the wurst kit I’ve ever seen.


Can we get Alf into it? Think of the sausage rolls he’d get wearing that…

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My favourite one is this one;

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is it me or is there a massive amount of variance in the nike kits? Each one looks really different from the other.

Can’t wait for the new Socceroos jersey to be a yellow template.

Bring back the green shorts and white socks farken

I would guess that the Portuguese home kit would be the template with that terrible polo collar.

Man United’s third kit…