HAL Transfers and Rumours 19/20


NWSW are after Ribery:


Until FFA decide he doesnt qualify for the marquee allowance.

And with Charles yeah I dont think he has made the matchday squad yet for Roar but being essentially next striker after Wenzel-Halls and Henrique means he had some chance of at least getting an opportunity. Babalj probably jumps him in the queue now


While it would be funny to annoy NWSW, if Honda qualifies for marquee and Ribery doesn’t, it would be a bit of an outrage.


I just find it funny they’d go for a marquee WINGER, considering they already have about 12 on the books.


Still with a new stadium and Ribery the crowds should start coming back…until they boycott again at least


Ribery will be Bridgeys replacement,apparently hes a better squatter!


Not gonna lie, that would be cool for the league.


Western United have signed Connor Chapman on a two year deal. Be interesting to see how he goes hes been playing mainly DM in Korea.



It’s shaping into a pretty standard looking a-league side. With Rudan coaching they will do OK.
They’ve already been awarded their first match against CCM as a 3-0 win.


yeah, I agree. Would be a great signing if they can pull it off. I have doubts in that though, even with Babbel’s Bayern contacts.


Yeah, I’d say worse sides have made the finals, and they haven’t even really got foreign players yet.


I expect Liam Reddy & Mitch Nichols will sign on for another stamp at some stage.


Jacob Melling is probably due another sideways move, and I’m sure that someone can rescue Isaka Cernak from the Singaporean league.


Chapman is a top signing imo.


Mark Bridge has signed for mounties wanderers in the Npl2 after wsw season finishes


Kurz to Brisbane…weird!


Adelaide - shit town, good fanbase, decent squad you have built yourself
Brisbane - shit town, shit weather, shit fans, shit players

yep, makes sense


Yeah I agree. Added to it as well.


I don’t understand why kurz is rated at all? He’s finished mid table, failed to fill the glaring needs in his squad, conducts himself in a disgraceful manner on the sidelines


He’s European though so there’s that!