HAL Transfers and Rumours 19/20


I’m not sure Maclaren would fit into Joyce’s tactical system. He will need to up his work-rate considerably. I don’t think Fornaroli was nearly as good under Joyce. Not his fault, but that’s how I see it.


Interesting to see Victory sign Elvis Kamsoba from Avondale. Looked handy in the FFA Cup.


Tongyik must be bang on for West Melbourne after 6 months at Gosford


Is that where he’s off to? CCM would be mad not to go for him, couldn’t blame Mulvey if he arsed Cisse and on what we’ve seen Tongyik is probably an upgrade.


They’ll have a new coach by the time Cisse is back from suspension.


Aspro will replace Cisse. Even if they do go for another CB they need experience so Tongyik wouldn’t work. They aren’t a million miles off having a good side and have $$$$s now McCormack is gone. Pain, Millar, O’Neill, Aspro, Wizard, Oar and Hiarej is the basis of a reasonable side and Mulvey seems capable. Still don’t get it.


I think it might be similar to what Perth had the last few seasons: a very solid squad on paper with a competent coach, but the culture of the club was just so toxic and made the whole place worse than the sum of their parts. In Perth’s case it was more of a drinking culture issue. In CCM’s case the entire club is full of people who are so infused with a losing mentality and so low on hope.


Not 100% compelling but Mulvey made all the right noises at the start of the year regarding the culture. His recruitment should have significantly helped with that too. Tossing up whether to quit my job atm, might take a month off and investigate in detail (Summer of George).


Apparently Perth and City might be close to a swap deal with Fornaroli going to Perth and Keogh to City:


Seems like a weird one for Perth to accept. Disrupt a winning team and settled player who is doing well, for someone who hasn’t played for months (and is apparently a fatty-boombah according to Warren Joyce).




Surely only there for the tennis with his missus.


Fornaroli is a year younger than Keogh and at his peak is a better striker but doesn’t seem like much of an upgrade - both have amazing goals p/game records. Popa upsetting Keogh is a reasonable possibility (see 5 players a year at WSW for each year he was there) then it might make sense if it’s both clubs having a problem. If Fornaroli was tempted by us offering $1.5m p/a for 2 and that started this whole thing then presumably Perth could offer similiar and get him. Sort of makes sense.


Mate this is no fun if you use logic


I heard poppa winked at Keogh’s missus which is why he wants to move to Melbourne as he feels better protected being closer to Muscat and ultimately will move to Victory for protection.


Yeh I find that trade is ridiculous for Perth. On top of upsetting what seems like a great vibe there, its Castro’s last season, so go after another ‘marquee’ next one that Poppa can better fit into the team.


O’Halloran released by City.

For all the CFG resources they have, they’ve generally been pretty crap at recruiting foreign players. Matter of time before they punt Florin Berenguer too.


Some first rumours about who Western Melbourne are interested in:


Keoghs on the bench for Perth tonight, transfer incoming?


Well, the obvious rumours of the swap between Fornaroli and Keogh might be related.