Its all horrible now, and I feel sorry for today's kids... the Music thread


Saw Tropical Fuck Storm in the Victorian capital last night.
Like early Drones on bad acid, dense, layered, seriously fucked up at times.
Pints of 4 Pines, alright too.
Try to get along to Marrickville Bowlo, Uni of Wollongong in the next week if you can.


Sounds good. Alas, Marrickville sold out.


SO did anyone manage to score tickets in the ballot for the Cure’s Disintegration 30th Anniversary at the Opera House?
Alas, I had no luck.


Got tickets to Metallica in October, at ANZ.

Thought I might see them before they disband, with key members dying of natural causes.

Used to have all their albums but been years since I listened to any Metallica album. Just found out they released a brand new studio album in 2016 too, so I ordered that on CD!


The 2016 Metallica album was their best in 20 years. I unexpectedly really enjoyed it. I havent seen them live in about 7 or 8 years. Last time I saw them was out at Homebush when they had the bouncy black balls in the crowd. Always out on an epic show, despite their age.


*19 years, not 20 :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve done ever tour since 1998 but I’m going to sit this one out - 2013 Soundwave was underwhelming, and I’d be looking at splashing out $500 for tickets for the misses and me - no thanks.
Plus I don’t love stadium gigs.


Yup, snagged Saturday night tickets, somehow.

I got through on the ballot so late in the day, and they were virtually all gone, but I kept refreshing in hope, but was seeing NOTHING for virtually all shows… and right before I gave up and paid for some shitty Monday night tickets… boom, 2 tickets to Saturday night in my preferred section came up. Thank the Gods.


You lucky bastard.
I’m too scared to even look at how much scalped ones are going for.


I used to really like Metallica – then I watched Through the Never and discovered that they had descended past a parody of themselves, turned left at Spinal Tap and accelerated down the highway of out of touch, self-important, financially bloated ‘rock-gods’. Putting any more money into the pocket of Lars is an offensive idea to me. I feel sorry for Kirk though, he is still awesome.


It’s only about seeing a legendary band live just once.

Missed out on AC/DC’s last tour a few years ago through procrastination, and have regretted it ever since.


$260 for a GA standing ticket in that shithole? :joy:

I paid $45.90 to see the Black Album tour in ‘93. I’m good.


Same here, although the hearing in my left ear is not so good.


I recommend The Laurels on Friday night if you need to even up the right ear. :wink:


That prompted me to check what today’s equivalent would be: $86 using Australia’s inflation rate. So it’s pretty much bank on 3x as much for equivalent tickets, as when one could argue they were at a peak (as in that moment they became 'uge).


I love Metallica, well used to. I saw them on the Re-Load tour which left a bit of a bitter taste haha. Still glad I saw them though but don’t need to again. It would still be a cracking show though


I’m okay with it. Got a seat in Level 4 above the corporate boxes.

It’s one of 2 bands I’d pay through the nose to see live at least once, the other being Radiohead.

Grew up listening to Metallica, will have to re-listen to each album before the show.




Metallica were awesome last time. Every metal head needs to hear puppets and the second half of one live at some point in their life


Paid $50 in 1998 on the ReLoad tour.
Was awesome


Entertainment Centre right? I went to that one too, really enjoyed it. I wasn’t even tempted to go to this one, I’m not a fan of stadium gigs - saw Foo Fighters at ANZ last year and it wasn’t great (not helped by the stadium being 2/3 full).