It's OK to be White and other dogwhistles - the Australian politics thread

He needs a sponsor, not a security guard.


I saw the video and just assumed he’d fallen down outside the impy on Brisbane st in Tamworth.
It’s a pretty steep hill outside the pub.

Then I remembered parliament was in session, then I remembered the impy closed years ago, then I remembered Barnaby only goes back to the north west for photo ops and new side chicks.

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Love the faux outrage about videoing it instead of helping him, while not even the mildest thank you for somehow resisting to urge to fucking kick him.




Well if you told me a politician had fallen over in a drunken stupor (allegedly) on the side of the street he would have been my first guess.

What a mess.

Truly amazing journalism. :joy::joy::joy:

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Luckily we don’t live in that kind of country yet. I’m sure some Sovereign Citizen fuckwit will change that soon enough though.

Is Fraser Anning still afeared of chicken farms?


First - we dont want you to have a tax cut.
Then - we want your boss to be able to force you to work without paying you.

Dutton is a genius politician.

Angus Taylor not far behind.

He said the Coalition would instead focus on improving productivity, enabling sustainable wage increases.

“Behind that collapse in living standards is an unprecedented collapse in labour productivity in this country,” he said.

Who’s been in charge for the last decade again?


Albanese is having a lot of fun at the moment, isn’t he?

Let me see here.

  1. Take money off you by increasing your taxes
  2. Removed protections from being exploited by your boss
  3. Call you lazy
  4. Find ways for your boss to get you to work harder for less
  5. Election success?

I just swooned at that list. Keep going plz!

It’s not even pantomime season. You’d think they dial down the arch villain schtick a little



These cunts live in alternate reality.


David Shoebridge roasts Defence Chief Angus Campbell after it’s revealed he appointed Colonel Penioni Naliva as 2nd in charge of 3000 Australian soldiers - despite multiple allegations of Torture. Shoebridge “How did you not know that?”💥#Estimates

— stranger (@strangerous10) February 14, 2024
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Australia have signed this treaty, when and how is the process for Australia to now ratify it? Time to finish the job.