It's OK to be White and other dogwhistles - the Australian politics thread

That sounds like a euphemism for C7’s credit card at the brothel.

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Network 7. The home* of tax deductible blow and prostitutes. Just a business expense hey.


*I am certainly not naive enough to think this doesnt happen all over the shop!


with the BRS case, and now this, Channel 7 is just knocking it out of the park right now


Stupid question, but how the hell do you pay for coke with a credit card? Also who’s selling coke that you can pay via credit card???

The articles I’ve read said some items were put on the Seven CC, but other items were reimbursed to Bruce.

You’d assume in this case, it’d be the latter.

There are vending machines all over…oh, right.


Depends on the establishment - allegedly

Yeah but reimbursements would then suggest receipts?

He put a generic “pre-production expenses” line on his own invoice to 7. $750, no further description or receipt.

We need receipts for anything over $25… I am in the wrong company

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My last job I had to get approval for every day consumption items if it was over $500.

If you spend 1 cent on a defence travel card that isn’t approved, straight to fraud jail.

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That because they need all their monies to pay $100 for a 1c washer!

That’s a big line!

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Justice Lee has just ruled that Bruce Lehrmann did indeed rape Brittany Higgins. Bear in mind this is a civil case, where balance of probabilities is calculated, not “beyond reasonable doubt”.


He’s about to get slugged with heavy, heavy costs

“Having escaped the lion’s den, Mr Lehrmann made the mistake of going back for his hat”. :rofl:

So now we know the real reason for the extra weeks deliberation was so Justice Lee could come up with an appropriate zinger.


How many is that now?


Even Heston Russell despite winning his case was essentially branded a liar and did nothing to clear himself. I guess from his point of view he got a few hundred grand at least.

I’m sure there are a couple of others I’m forgetting.

This will go down as one of the great lines in Australian political history.


The guy was crashing at his mate’s house and ended up throwing a number of massive parties while the guy was out of the house… including video of footage of them snorting “white powder”