It's OK to be White and other dogwhistles - the Australian politics thread

Nope. Bankruptcy won’t save him.

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I read it on Reddit so I’m an expert now.


The gift that just keeps giving

These people know that they’ll be cross-examined, right?


ACAB includes these guys. And whoever the fuck Walter Sofronoff is. One collossal match of mudslinging that’s let a perpetrator walk free to do it again in Queensland (allegedly).

The officers claim Mr Drumgold published the letter twice, first by sending it to Mr Gaughan, and secondly by authorising its release under FOI.

Surely there is no fucking way that first point could be considered publishing? A direct communication between two people that is not released to the public and not intended for publication.


You publish your work when you or another authorised person such as your publisher supply reproductions of the work to the public and the work has not been made publicly available before. You communicate your work to the public when you or another authorised person make it available online or electronically transmit it to the public.

The second one would also fairly sketchy right? Something getting released under FOI… no government agency needs more excuses to withhold information . Is there any precedent for that?!

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They’re not trying to win.