It's OK to be White and other dogwhistles - the Australian politics thread


Spreading his family values all over South East Asia.


I guess the rule of thumb is that the more someone espouses “family values”, the more one can be sure there is some dirt to be found.
It’s increasingly likely that there are actually no such “family values” beyond “a cardboard prop designed to place in front on an unseemly pile of filth.”




The Nationals are a dumpster fire. Throw them all in the bin.


LOL at News Corp’s puff piece on Dutton and softening up his image in yesterday’s papers. Stop trying to make him a thing.


Seems a strange thing to commit to at this point given he’s likely to lose his seat.


I say let them do it. With each puff piece, they’re condemning the Liberals to an even bigger defeat. Nobody with a trace of commonsense wants Dutton in power.


Fraser Anning billing taxpayers for his jaunt to Melbourne to support the Nazis on the weekend. That’s an interesting new low for Australian politics.


Problem is having it in the news for a few days amplifies his message exactly as he wanted


Yeh I’m torn on that. I agree with you, but also think that it needs to be called out rather than ignored.


It’s a damned either way. That section of the alt right thrives off trolling and inflaming the left then using the lefts outrage to justify their actions and solidify support


Jason Wilson in the Guardian summarised it really well I think:

Wilson is always worth reading if you are interested in the far right and their various goings on.


That Wilson article is excellent.


Here is an older article by Umberto Eco, also worth reading


I’m really enjoying clive Palmer ads atm.

There’s one in WA that he mentions how a bunch of the gst made in WA gets sent east and how the government treats “us” all like mugs.
He uses the word us when talking.
Did I miss Clive being a west Australian?

He seems proper mad lately.


Funnily enough, he hasn’t mentioned that policy on this coast…


100% of our gst returned to WA or some other yelling at the end of the ad


It’ll probably work though. Shit like that is catnip for Queensland and WA (the freak states), whether it’s connected to reality or not.


A few weeks back when I drove to Queensland, on all of the country stations was how Clive will “fix the nation” and “help its people”. Don’t know if he has any support in Sydney though.


Which makes it a mystery why there are billboards in the Inner West…