It's OK to be White and other dogwhistles - the Australian politics thread


Wasn’t he skint? Where’s this cash come from?
It’s so transparently nonsense, and lazy at that.


Australia governed by Australians for Australia (or some similar nonsense). Did he miss the dual citizenship furore?


I think I’ve lost track of the number of Liberals that have suddenly resigned to ‘spend more time with their family’. Michael Keenan announcing his at 11pm on the Friday of a long weekend FFS


He’s on the nose big time up here in QLD… I’ll be very surprised if he gains any traction. Absolute lunatic.


Having. None. Of. Your. Shit. Mate.




Harsh but fair


That article would make sense if Tim Wilson was just a politician, but he’s not - he’s a neoliberal wrecker who has no interest in upholding the conventions of parliament, because his business mates will find it easier to run the country if government institutions are weak and politicans - rather than big business - are seen as the enemy of the people.


This is bang on the money. The common refrain has been one of disbelief that right-wing politicians manage to shoot themselves in the foot over and over.

The endgame isn’t to control Parliament. It’s to destroy Parliament and ride their business interests roughshod over the wreckage of society.


The grift never ends


Tim Wilson will have to be dragged kicking and screaming away.

Classic libertarian who endlessly promotes ‘small government’ while taking a sequence of ludicrously well-paid public sector gigs.


Parliament is more confusing then the breakdown of a maul in rugby.


Thought Labor had bottled it earlier in the day but no denying that that vote is a win for refugees and the crossbench and a fucking humiliation for the govt.


it’s been funny lsitening to morrison, keeps screeching about how he doesn’t want to allow something, my government won’t do this and this bla bla.

It’s not his government and little world. he talks about the canberra bubble but he is the only one stuck in it.
they need to wake up, whenever a government gets like this and thinks that government is theirs they get screwed in elections


Interesting that the Centre Alliance have introduced a bill that would see federal ministers undergo a security check.

I would have assumed they already had to considering everyone else even close to a government role needs to undergo ridiculous levels of checks for employment but the people who get to see the most sensitive decisions and information don’t.


from what I’m aware of classified information gets declassified and made into a format that they can see and make decisions on with a lot of the detail taken out.

it would be funny though, it takes months to get security clearances. longer if you have lived overseas, have family who are born somewhere else etc.


Don’t forget, these are people and organisations that can’t figure out if they’re even eligible to be a member of parliament to start with.


Hilarious week for the caretaker PM, Morrison should just call the election now and get the humiliation over and done with.


If you think it’s over and the boats scare campaign will blow over you’re very deluded. As embarrassed as he was it was all worth it politically to be able to launch a boats scare campaign


Not convinced that a boats lie/scare campaign will have an impact now.

I’d surprised if the Paladin scandal doesn’t completely detonate this government, unbelievable stuff being done with taxpayers money.