It's OK to be White and other dogwhistles - the Australian politics thread


Ipsos with a huge 3 point rebound for the government.

Back to 49:51…


Maybe the NSW government could replace music festivals with poker machine festivals.


So the government is going to send people transferred to Australia under the Medivac bill to Christmas Island.

Just when you think they can’t go any lower…


They got a bit of a bounce in the polls last week by being tough on refugees. Expect more of the same I’d say until the election


they are going to see that bounce as a hint that they are on the right track.
they will go nuts for refugees, watch the word refugeee dissapear from our language.


Aren’t they? Australians are super worried about people coming here on boats and have shown they’ll look past almost anything to vote for someone perceived to be better at keeping them away.

I would be surprised if we don’t hear about boat arrivals in the weeks leading up to the election.

Labor think that the election in Victoria is a sign that scare campaigns are over. But Victoria isn’t Queensland, isn’t WA. Isn’t the battleground electorates in Sydney…


The difference in Victoria is that they ran with strong, progressive policy. The federal mob appear to be too timid to do so.


As far as I can tell, large parts of the LNP gov should be on charges before the election anyhow.


And their eligibility subsequently referred to the High Court, one at a time, for the 2 years proceeding their re-election.
The real question is who will Labor offer up as pairs because God forbid the 46th parliament actually do what they’re put there to do.


So Georgina Downer goes out presenting a novelty government grant cheque with her face and name plastered all over them despite not being an elected MP. Is it shameless, misleading, tone-deaf or all of the above?


I have absolutely no idea how anyone thought that was a good idea.


I see former NSW Labor minister Ian MacDonald has successfully appealed his conviction.


I assume he will now be eligible for compensation for being wrongfully imprisoned.


Do Conservatives have no shame?


This reaction to Pell has been astonishing. Surely if there’s one thing we can all agree on it’s that sexually assaulting children is bad.


I think it’s OK when it’s their mate.


One thing that annoys me is they way that they are acting is slagging off the judge as well.
Who as far as I can tell is a very experienced and well respected Judge who doesn’t seem to deserve having his integrity questioned by politician and media asshats.

Pell’s lawyers desperate vanilla sex comments show that their appeal is fucked and they have nothing.

I can’t fathom how your conservative right wing bullshit correlates to saying a paedophile is a top bloke.


Judge doesn’t exactly have anything to do with it does he? Evidence was presented by both sides and it was the jury that found him guilty. It’s literally the basis of most of the world’s legal systems


I mean in the context of them implying that it needs retrial because the jury was messed up.
The judge can’t handle the trial properly.


And then Hadley surprises us all!