It's OK to be White and other dogwhistles - the Australian politics thread


The defence of Pell by the usual suspects has been absolutely wtf. I mean when Ray Hadley is a voice of reason you know you’re off the planet.


Too bad the majority of MSM in Australia is conservative. I would love nothing more than John Howard to be grilled about his endorsement of George Pell at every single public gathering of his in the run-up to the election because you know the Liberals will use him as much as possible.


John Howard has form for this as well, one of his appointments for Governor General had to resign as they was implicated in covering up for Priests who sexually assaulted children.


Not sure where else to put this but Pell got six years.


Excellent news.


I’ll wait until the appeal to believe it, in the meantime hopefully some cell doors get left unlocked.


3 years 10 months effectively


I don’t know if I’m comfortable with “justice” as meted out by the kind of characters you get in prison, where the most violent thugs get to play society’s avenger.


You’d think the whole concept of not going around shooting people would be a pretty simple maxim to follow.


Also, the concept of not having instruments of death out there in society available for the next nutjob to use with which to impose his superior cultural values, seems solid to me.


Don’t blame the AFP for our exporting of terror, they were busy monitoring Hakeem.


Fraser annings thoughts on the Christchurch shootings


Best bit is the last paragraph which basically proclaims “Violent religions are bad. We are a violent religion.”


Meanwhile we’ll have Hanson and Latham back on Sunrise next week, plus Milo and co are back here soon, spruiking and grifting on the back of their white supremacist BS.
Nazi Punks Fuck Off


They’ll probably start sticking that evil cunt Anning on.


Fuck me dead. What a fucking piece of literal shit. Typical “look what you made me do!” garbage. Fucking scum.


What a fucking piece of shit. It’s embarrassing and shameful that those types of views exist at all, let alone in our country and in our fucking parliament. What a cunt.


I’m moving between sad that this is happened and angry that it’s been allowed to foment on our watch. Fuck that shit and fuck the pricks who put out the rhetoric that enables it.


On the basis that a particular person I know retweeted a Rita Panahi tweet that suggests that Pewdiepie isn’t an evil person …

Can I assume that this Pewdiepie is another member of the incel red bill, poor little white boy, ironic altright nazis that need to go to the room of mirrors for a good long hard look at themselves?


Wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire, as that would defeat the purpose of setting him on fire in the first place…