It's still nil all boys! - The Park Football Thread

We’re in AA09s as well and have had a ref every single game funnily enough. Canterbury really does seem to have their shit sorted in that respect. We even had two linesmen during one of our games.

Next week is going to hurt though, playing Saturday and Sunday…

They manage to ban for all life all the pricks that will start shit with the ref?

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We put 4-0 past 3rd place over the weekend to continue our unbeaten start to the season.

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We did have both teams “having a go” at one of the lineswomen for calling offside way too late multiple times. In fairness, it’s because we wanted her to just call it without having one of us play at the ball. Making that extra run of 20m and having to walk back was really affecting fitness

Fuck I hate that. At any level. Just call it!