It's to Hot in Dallas in Winter! - The NHL Thread

Pretty quiet in here. @MrRooney on suicide watch?

Unbelievable- biggest points gap between a first and 8 seed…

The bruins looked horribly flat but all credit to the panthers…

I’m somewhat surprised Jim Montgomery still has a job.

Very strange decision to switch netminders heading into game 7

Still after their regular season he has to have another crack next year (with or without Marchand)

Guess I’ll ride the Celtics until the crash to the 76ers

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Shit… just saw Colorado is out as well!

How come the deciding game wasn’t in Boston?

It was played at TD Garden in Boston

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Oh, the American thing where they put the winner first, not the home team…


Wow, Flames punted Darryl. Nothing official but Friedman and LeBrun have tweeted, so basically done.

And the Panthers had the place silent for the majority of the first and second period…

And even the Leaf’s get through the first round finally. Bizarro world.

Yeah, injuries and suspensions did for us in the end, no Landeskog, no Makar for 2 games and missing Cogliano for the last game as well.

Oh, and not having a proper replacement for Nasim Khadri.

Seattle physically monstered us in 4 games, they had a little luck with deflected goals too but they deserved to win overall.

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You can have Kadri back, Jubal. Been shit in red.

Epic opening game in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Florida wins it in the last 15 seconds of the fourth overtime period.

6th longest NHL game of all time.

Yep, watched this one too. Simply crazy stuff!
Shaping up to be a great finish. No coverage today. What’s the go?

Florida up 2-0 going into their home games.

Very interesting series.

No interest in these Stanley Cup conference finals. Not a single cold market team among them. Bah.

Florida sweeps Carolina.

Vegas has a chance to sweep Dallas tomorrow.

I’m happy for Tkachuk but this really hurts as a Flames fan. He was playing hurt against Edmonton, but I just cannot comprehend the disparity in his impact on the two series.

Is he now the best hockey player in his family?