I've got a bad feeling about this – The Star Wars Thread

Not yet, but I aim to pick it up soonish. I’m developing a bit of an allergy to buying AAA games in release week these days.


Enjoyed the first one. This one seems better.

Playing on Xbox Series X and performance has been pretty good so far.

I’m playing on Series S with no problem. Im hearing PC users are having some trouble.

Loving the game play and the environments more in Survivor, but not enjoying the story as much.

whats the first one like? Is it anything like Jedi Academy and the like?

Excellent! I don’t think I played Jedi Academy.

It reminds me of Prince of Persia, but with a light Saber. Lots of fighting big groups of storm troopers and aliens, lots of puzzles and wall running and flips etc.

I also didn’t play Jedi Academy.

Jedi: Fallen Order is… like babies first Dark Souls? It’s a Zelda-ie/ Metroid-ie/ Dark Soulsie kinda game.

Definitely not like Jedi Academy. Belldiouf and shabby have it fairly nailed on as to what to expect. Good story, great cutscenes, challenging gameplay but some of the challenge is a load of jumping puzzles which I found slightly annoying. I’d still give the first one an 8/10, though.

I went to jump back into Fallen Order and my PS5 has lost all the save game data (even though it’s meant to be in the cloud!?). Didn’t fancy re-doing an entire level. Very annoying.

don’t bother, may as well just wait for the inevitable crashes


Jabba the Hutt … :joy: :joy:

Pleasantly surprised bt Ashoka. I think i enjoyed the first 2 episodes more than Andor. That felt like proper Star Wars.

This should have been the basis for the sequel trilogy instead of the garbage that we got.

Agree with the above with one exception. I thought the sets and special effects were top class, the pacing of the plot, the unobtrusive camera work and direction, the background music (particularly Asian/Dick Dale fusion when Wren is biking down the Highway) and the way the characters have been developed are some of the best things Star Wars have done. Sadly the dialogue, at times, feels like it was written by George Lucas. It’s that bad.

It was a bit exposition heavy, which isn’t surprising as not many people would have watched all of Rebels, but I enjoyed it. Seeing Lothal in live-action was pretty cool in itself.

Is the droid meant to sound like Alec Guinness?

It’s meant to sound like David Tennant. Because it is David Tennant.

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And the droid is like a thousand years old

I enjoy Jar jar Slander.

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