Macarthur FC Thread


Jot down the date May 15 into your diaries. The new Macarthur A-League team’s name, colours and logo will be officially unveiled on that day at the Campbelltown Catholic Club (time to be confirmed). The Macarthur South West United made the announcement via its Twitter page this afternoon. Macarthur South West United wrapped up its community online surveys earlier this month, where residents were asked to give feedback on the new club. Suggested names include the South West Magpies and Macarthur FC. Unity’s deputy chairman Gino Marra recently told the Advertiser that he was “delighted with the community’s response”. “We received about 4000 surveys,” he said." We have had some great suggestions and it’s been a great response."

#83 I hope they haven’t pandered to the local RL brigade and gone with Magpies.

Have it on good authority that the coach has already been ‘appointed’ - rumored previously


I strongly hope they go Macarthur FC and if they want a magpie put that in the logo. Please no to south west


4000 is a lot of surveys. Not a bad sign.


Yeah I’d rather they go with a name like MacArthur.

The league has enough westerns.


You just know theyll go South West United.


Their logo should be a pic of John MacArthur screwing Governor Bligh.


Great idea doing it 3 days before the grand final and election.
Media won’t be preoccupied at all.


Add in a soccer ball with some swooshes coming off of it and you’ve got a winner!

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Macarthur FC, Macarthur Bulls FC, Bulls FC, Dharawal Football Club, Dharawal FC, Dharawal Bulls Football Club…


Dharawal FC would be a great idea I think.


Isn’t that what Southern Delusion were going to do?

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Sounds a bit too much like Durham Bulls.


Yep but it seemed way more tokenistic when they proposed it because it was about a week before the decision was made and it was clear the FFA’s opinion was turning against them by that point.


Dharawal bulls wearing black & white, talk about cobbled together shit.


Can’t wait for the presser that comes with that shirt. #sorry


Macarthur Parks

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That’s aces!

Edit: Why is quoting so shite?


I’d also go for Dharawal FC. At the other end, Bulls FC is by far the worst option.


Bulls FC is terrible, but the other options work for me, I like them.