Memberships 2021-22

Seems fitting to start a new thread like every other year.

Finally got around to ordering my members bits and pieces. Happy to just get a mug and a couple of masks and then make sure I could get the express post paid for out of that credit too.

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On what planet is the T-Shirt in the members pack worth $35.

They would be embarrassed to sell this at Paddy’s Markets.

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My mug leaks :pensive:

try closing your lips tighter


Yeah, the merch seems very overpriced given it’s sweatshop quality.

The shirt is going to make a decent sleeping or cycling shirt when its hot though.

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people didnt honestly expect that the credit provided was an actual $ amount did they?

Yeah I did actually.

Think of it as Ninkobux, 3-to-1 ration against normal dollars and you’re good to go.

Yeah the club should never really referred to it as a currency. ‘Credits’ would have been fine… ‘Bling’ maybe?

wouldve been heaps better if instead of the cheap shit it linked to the official store on the site - even if you got heaps less credit / ninkobux.

the quality of the membership stuff is a level below what you would get in event a $2 shop



Ok. Im confused.

Over the last 16 years they just send me stuff with my card. And if there was shipping it was hidden?

Now I have to select stuff up to a value. Which I got bang on. But now I have to pay shipping?

Is there a discount on your membership option?

Presumably shipping was factored into the cost, previously. Now, because some people might not choose any items, they might not need shipping. You can put your credit toward your shipping if you select items with a total value below your credit. You also don’t have to select anything. Your credit rolls over.

My mum chose the tee and said the small was huge, so is having it swapped for an XS. Maybe they’ll exchange you something or give your credit back. Otherwise, might make a good shower cleaning rag.

This! People on here have been bitching about this for years! Asking for options to opt out of getting anything or get to choose what they want. The quality was never great to begin with. It’s essentially free shit to go along with your membership. The club did exactly what everyone asked for. Stop bitching.


Fuck off.


I never asked for change. I didnt need change. I was happy with a new hat and a lanyard every year.

I recognise that the club is in a damned position.

But if everyone else can bitch that they weren’t happy last year i can doG damned well bitch that I dont like the changed.

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I want to know who asked for no fridge magnet.


Stuffing up the fixture list fridge magnet is literally the worst thing to come out of Covid.


They should have just given us a fridge magnet with no dates on it :cry:

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