Pro Wrestling Thread - Now We Conquer


So who predicted Erick Rowan showing up

RIP the bludgeon brothers


Daniel Bryan is Captain Planet. Erick Rowan is now a planeteer. People are booing.



I concur


Well that was easily predictable.


Interest in the men’s Rumble faded with about 10 or so minutes to go. All my preferred winners were out, everyone who was left doesn’t have my attention overly much. The Nia Jax thing was actually pretty cool.

Overall a good quality but very long show, neither Rumble match is one I will need to revisit down the line, other than the first 5 minutes of the men’s match. Love it.


I thought it was great fun.

I haven’t watched a PPV live like that in years.
Even my wife watched the whole women’s RR


What I thought was really good was that there was no need to rely on old stars or veterans making a one off return to fill out the 30 spots in the women’s Rumble.

It was partly because it was the first one last year I suppose and they wanted to help build up some legitimacy about the whole concept, but 9 of the spots being filled by retired or semi active wrestlers last year did feel like they were stretching to fill the match roster.

No such issues this year, everyone who was in there is a current part of the WWE programming, and they all have a decent character and angle going on. The women’s roster is so healthy right now and only getting better, it’s a big difference from there being 5 women on the roster having a match every few weeks.


I thought Asuka getting the clean win on Lynch was a surprise. At least a distraction from Charlotte or something would’ve made it a bit more magical when she was able to enter the Rumble.
Lesnar continuing with the title is boring.

Side note: Reading that Ambrose isn’t going to sign a WWE contract extension so let the speculation begin. Could he be AEW bound?


Been confirmed by WWE. Odd they are announcing it now for an April release.


Hideo Itami is done too.

He’s apparently asked for his release and been granted it. Changed his name back to KENTA on twitter also.

Go back to NOAH! Be a serious wrestler again!


Surely the Ambrose release is a work. When have WWE ever announced something like this?


If he’s still on TV between now and April it will make me think its a work

Irony is the dialogue he had on raw this week was actually good and its how he should of been booked as a heel all along.


so my boys and I had an absolute blast at EPW on the weekend.

All the matches were done well, they were all different and didn’t do the same stuff. Great crowd interaction as well as you’d expect with such a small space.

I kept it a secret from them till we got there and they both flipped out, they were so into it, great fun.
We will be going back for sure.
The boys had to get shirts as well. Got high fives from all the faces, got told to be quiet by the heels. one of them got a hug from gorgeous garry. we nearly had two guys land on us during the street fight when they went over the barrier.

Some really good wrestling moments in there as well for me to nerd out on.


EPW is a high standard bearer for the local scene. They’re on the rise again as well actually after being caught up to and overtaken by some Melbourne and Sydney promotions.

Davis Storm is one of my favourite wrestlers, and having recently seen Gavin McGavin in action live, he’s shot right up there among my favourites too. EPW is a good place to be a fan.


The title match between Gavin and Mick moretti was really good.
Gavin plays the bad guy so well.


I think Mick Moretti might just be the best wrestler going around in Australia today, he’s so good, and works so well with any kind of opponent. I’ve taken a lot of people who have never watched wrestling before to shows in the last year or so, and without fail, Moretti is the one they’re talking about at the end of the show.

You’re lucky to have seen him in action over there, but he’s definitely getting around lately. He’s also a champion in Queensland for the Gold Coast based Pro Wrestling League, as well as being a regular in other NSW promotions beside his home promotion PWA.


absolutely, thats really cool to know. I’m glad we got to see him.


Current AEW roster

The Young Bucks
Pentagon Jr
Scorpio Sky
Chuck Taylor
Jungle Boy
Sonny Kiss
Penelope Ford
Britt Baker
Nyla Rose
Yuka Sakazaki
Kylie Rae
Aja Kong


Great lineup so far, looking forward to seeing what they bring to the table.

There is something good for everyone out there now, whatever your wrestling tastes.


More wrestling with guys like that can’t be bad.