Qatar 2022: The Games

Best to have two separate threads, one to cover the absolute farce of a tournament and this one to cover the games.

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Makes sense…

Mental the Iranian keeper was allowed to even try to carry on

There is going to be like 15 mins injury time in the first half

If it’s not too late… perhaps we could go with per-group so that you can read about the other overnight games without spoiling anything you want to watch in full later?

Its been a long time since I’ve been in Australia for the WC, so I can’t remember how this is supposed to work.

Im getting tired just watching this ref, sprinting from foul to foul.

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I set up a group thread before I saw the game thread… Happy to go with whatever though.

This game is absolutely dire so far so I reckon bed will be the winner tonight

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This game is quickly turning into a farce. There’s probably been 10 minutes of football played after 27 minutes on the clock.

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Curious to see how England cope with he tactics of Iran - we’ve seen similar against Australia on many occasions

Hugely frustrating to watch

Type of game better to listen to on the radio - you dont have to see all the fouls and stoppages

Also, what is the Arabic equivalent of a vuvuzela called?

If England score in the first half then they should be fine.

Agree… Maguire very close there

That’ll do…

This Iranian defence is not dealing with anything in the air. That goal was coming. I wonder if losing their first choice keeper has rattled them and lost some organisation?

Seemed inevitable after Maguire went so close just before

Another goal for England… 2-0 and looking remarkably comfortable

England really look like they are on another planet to Iran

And another… sterling after lovely build up play

Sweet Jeebus

That’s a lovely finish