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That’s the most Sergio Ramos thing that could have happened.


Some law changes will come into play:


To reduce controversies, the handball law has been adjusted. Referees won’t necessarily have to decide if there was deliberate handling, but judge the outcome and whether an unfair advantage was obtained by gaining possession or control of the ball.

It won’t be an offense if the arm or hand is very close to the body but it will be if they are in an elevated position when the ball is handled. But even if a player accidentally handled while scoring, the goal would be ruled out.


Disruptive behavior around free kicks should be reduced from June. The attacking team will not be allowed within 1 meter (yard) of the defensive wall in an attempt to stop players jostling and matches being delayed by the necessary intervention of referees.

In two changes affecting goalkeepers, goal kicks won’t have to leave the penalty area and only one foot will have to remain on the line when facing a penalty.


To speed up the game, players being substituted must leave the field at the nearest point rather than at the halfway line.

“It’s a fairly standard time-wasting tactic that when a manager wants to make a substitution, he can send a player to be substituted to the opposite end of the pitch,” said Scottish Football Association chief executive Ian Maxwell, one of the eight IFAB members.

FIFA has four delegates and the British nations have the other four, with six votes required for a change to the laws which come into effect from June


Thanks for sharing. I remember him as an old Championship Manager addict… amazing listen.


Found this today after having a flashback from your post!


The sidebar on that site is full of articles for this thread!


Yep - Only just discovered that site. I read an article on 25 weirdest signings for Man U that had Bozza listed. Good Times.


So it turns out that our Turkish friend was right, football is cutting someone!



Blackpool fans to Return to Bloomfield road tonight after the removal of convicted rapist Owen Oyston from the board.


Makes the dumb stuff the rbb protest look even worse.


96th minute equalizer for Blackpool. Scenes.





Great bit of insight that.


After reading that article we should have an agents thread. Far more important than a random musing.

Also the Guardian needs to send their subeditor to comma school.


Seeing as it’s St Patrick’s Day and all…


Lol crazy Scotsman


Nice little insight in the video in this piece, for those who haven’t seen it


BeIn shared that in the UK and there’s been huge response to it over there. They all seem to think there’s a huge goldmine of reffing talent in the A-League.
Still, Gillett will be missed. Shame we lose.the good ones too early - I thought Mark Shield retired too early.