Random Football Musings


Fancy Mark Shield pulling out a random, unpredictable, poorly timed decision. Never could have seen it coming.


Was watching Euro qualifiers and did some research on the Polish National team, just going by club results, Milik, Lewandowski and Piatek have a total of 75 goals in 102 games, not too shabby considering Milik just came back from a major injure, Lewa had a poor 2017 season and Piatek just started with Milan


WoSo has been coming along in leaps and bounds in the last few years, but we can really start to say it’s truly arrived now the hoolies are getting on board…


Anyone got into NPL post HAL? I don’t live in Sydney anymore so can’t follow us but have started to enjoy NPL Vic. I love NSA (not fussed who wins) live football, its cheap, a 10min drive from home and my kids have a good time. Its a very ethnic club and I have a different background but its a good way to get thru international breaks.



I must admit I’m not to keen on that decision by the youngster. A bit like walking in cricket. Play the refs call


it seems odd, because as a referee you can reverse a decision.
if he said to the ref, nah I tripped over it’s not a penalty she should have changed it and given a drop ball.

The most common ones I’ve seen are people owning up to small deflections for corners when you award a goal kick.


Not sure why the kid didn’t go to the ref, has happened before. Maybe he wanted to make a bigger statement? End of the day it’s a 14 year old kid, not going to hold him up in the same way you’d expect an adult to behave. Good on him anyway


Kid probably didn’t know you could talk to the ref about this.


Has anyone considered that maybe it was just an awful penalty?