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With Notts County being relegated from League Two, does that mean they’re no longer the worlds oldest professional football club?

Amazing scenes as that title would pass to Stoke City. I look forward to a plaque being unveiled at the Britannia, on a cold and windy Tuesday night of course.


Some fifth and even sixth tier clubs are still professional so I imagine they could keep that record. It depends on whether people mean a club with full time playing staff compared to a club playing in a fully professional league structure.


Ominous for Stoke that. While searching for the answer to your question I came across this:

In 1888, Notts County, along with 11 other football clubs, became a founding member of The Football League. They finished their first league season in 11th place, but avoided the dubious honour of the wooden spoon, which went to Midlands rivals Stoke.

I think that they were the club with the most consecutive seasons in the Football League as I can’t find anywhere that says they dropped lower than the 4th Division.


So this bizarre situation where a ref scored in the Netherlands happened over the weekend:

Maybe someone here who knows more about the details of the laws than me can help to explain this one - is there any ruling on if this should or should not stand?


Under current rules it’s a goal.
But the new rules coming out would have it be an indirect free kick.


Chris van Beatheveld.


Chaos in the CAF Champions League Final with Wydad Casablanca forfeiting the final leg after having a goal ruled out for offside.

There was supposed to be VAR available but from everything I could find apparently they forgot to bring the equipment to the stadium and the Wydad captain claims they were never told there was no VAR.

CAF Champions League Final drama


That is mindblowing.


Are you the FFA in disguise?


Man that was some farcical shit followed by some truly embarrassing celebrations. Biggest question is if it was outright bought by Tunis or if there was some sub-continental match-fixing shenanigans.


To me, I’d be leaning towards shenanigans. I don’t know how you can screw things up so much, then suddenly declare the tie as over. It’s a technical error not to bring VAR in. Surely there should be a replay?


I mean that’s literally what happened in last year’s A-League grand final.

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the match was called over after Wydad refused to continue play for 1.5hrs. In fairness, you continue the play and then have a go at the end and try to get the replay. No point whinging about it and stopping everything


They should have just continued and won it on penalties.


Belgian FA had a different way of announcing their U/21 squad overnight.


No Mitch Nicholls?


After all that drama, the CAF Champions League Final Second Leg will be replayed. Because of the African Cup of Nations it will have to be played after that tournament which ends on 19th July.

CAF Champions League final will be replayed


It really was the only sensible option. A technical error was clearly made there.