Rhyan Grant thread - the return of the shit hair


A living national treasure.


Its the 70’s porno 'stache that really sets it over the top :rofl:


With Risdon ruled out he’s a confirmed starter


Good. Tbh he shits over Risdon anyway


What a lad, another solid shift last night in green and gold.



Fucking hell


That’s a fucking harrowing read, glad he’s still with the living . Hope he bangs one in for the Socceroos this Asian cup !


Lucky his leg rope snapped. I respect his humility in admitting a big mistake. I hate submerged objects in the surf, especially how they disappear at high tide…



Superb Asian Cup from Rhyan Bert Grant. Hopefully we lock him down for a life contract, bit worried he’ll get overseas offers now.


He did well and I couldnt hold it against him if he took that next step.


On a plus side would Grant be back next week against City?


Should be.


I feel the mental lift we get from Rhyan being back will be helpful on its own.


On the minus side, so will Beath


Referees stay longer when their country gets knocked out. Beath’s doing Iran v Japan tomorrow.


Grant signs on for 3 more years! Did anyone capture the Cove’s TIFO of Grant last week against City?


Here it is.