Rhyan Grant thread - the return of the shit hair


What a fucking legend.


Love the guy


He will go down in my estimations if he doesn’t take the gloves if the opportunity arises.
I wonder if any player has completed positional bingo before?


Pretty sure The Pirate has the whole set.


I thought it was assumed that redders would get sent off in the 93rd minute of the grand final with all subs used. With the score 1-0 to us, Grant steps in dives to his left and saves ones headed for the top corner before the ball is cleared and the ref blows full time


… And he had previously scored the only goal while filling in at striker.


@hillbilly Finally, the answer to the age old question of who is the greatest footballer of all time, Matthew Bingley or Rhyan Grant!

@RedKat That could work but I would settle for him wearing gloves 5 sizes too big and a shirt that fits him like he’s wearing a 2 man tent.

@CountArach Pfft. He got the goal to tie the game at 1-1 in the 95th minute when, as goalkeeper, he goes up for a corner and scores a bicycle kick goal a la Ronaldo v Juve or Bale v Liverpool. The game then goes to penalties where his mullet saves 2 penalties, his moustache 1 and then he slots the winner.


Maybe in his last ever game before retirement, we can chuck Grant in goal for the last 5 minutes so he gets the complete set.


That lung busting run towards the end of the game where he got a foul was just ridiculous endurance