Rhyan Grant thread - the return of the shit hair


What a fucking legend.


Love the guy


He will go down in my estimations if he doesn’t take the gloves if the opportunity arises.
I wonder if any player has completed positional bingo before?


Pretty sure The Pirate has the whole set.

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I thought it was assumed that redders would get sent off in the 93rd minute of the grand final with all subs used. With the score 1-0 to us, Grant steps in dives to his left and saves ones headed for the top corner before the ball is cleared and the ref blows full time

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… And he had previously scored the only goal while filling in at striker.


@hillbilly Finally, the answer to the age old question of who is the greatest footballer of all time, Matthew Bingley or Rhyan Grant!

@RedKat That could work but I would settle for him wearing gloves 5 sizes too big and a shirt that fits him like he’s wearing a 2 man tent.

@CountArach Pfft. He got the goal to tie the game at 1-1 in the 95th minute when, as goalkeeper, he goes up for a corner and scores a bicycle kick goal a la Ronaldo v Juve or Bale v Liverpool. The game then goes to penalties where his mullet saves 2 penalties, his moustache 1 and then he slots the winner.


Maybe in his last ever game before retirement, we can chuck Grant in goal for the last 5 minutes so he gets the complete set.


That lung busting run towards the end of the game where he got a foul was just ridiculous endurance


Vote for the great man to win player of the year here, Honda is in the lead at the moment so it looks like the Japanese have been voting.


Honda didn’t even play the whole fucking season. Nup. Not having that. Voted for Grant.

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Why can’t they just call it the Fans Player of the Year? That’s exactly what it is. I’d put Toivonen before Honda as a player of the season, but obviously would not vote for them. It’s hard to argue that Castro should not be right up there but nobody is really voting for him.

Besides, these online voting systems are always a joke. So easily circumvented by installing multiple browsers and/or clearing your cache so you can vote multiple times.

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And with that our boy has miraculously jumped from 25% to 30% in a few short minutes. :wink:


He should be up for the Bowls Australia player of the year as well. That roll of the toilet seat to the rest of the players was perfection.

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That’s incredible! :joy:


Overheard at a W12D game in the Shire today:
“you’re playing right back this half… Who are you gonna be… Sydney FC… Mullet… Rhyan Grant!”
“yeah! I’m gonna be Rhyan Grant!”

It’s a little thing, but it warms the heart to hear this kind of throwaway line on a suburban Saturday footy morning about one of our guys…


I play a fair bit at right back, usually that, or right wing. The other day I had a great game at right back and one of the guys in my team compared me to Rhyan Grant, saying that the way I got forward with a lot of pace and tenacity reminded him of Grant. Man, I play over 35’s and am now in my early forties, but it have to admit I was a bit chuffed.

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Ryan Grant - The peoples champion!