Sauce Bottles FC - The Marinators Thread

Aparently Charlesworth had an offer of $8.5m for CCM, I would have taken it and run.

Football Confidential: Mariners owner turns down big-money bid

Tom Smithies & Emma Kemp, The Daily Telegraph
January 3, 2019 6:05pm

Not even being booed by fans will, it seems, prompt Mariners owner Mike Charlesworth to sell the club. Confidential can reveal that an offer in writing of $8.5m from an overseas-backed consortium was rejected by Charlesworth this week.

The deal was brokered by Tony Rallis, the intermediary who brought Usain Bolt to the club on trial, but was rejected out of hand by Charlesworth who has told his staff he wants to attract investment rather than sell outright.

Mariners CEO Shaun Mielekamp confirmed an offer had been made and rejected, but declined to comment further. However Confidential understands that other suitors might be circling.

Surely there’s better ways for Charlesworth to get what he wants out of the Council than owning a football club?

The passion from the Wizard after scoring the pen last night was a beautiful thing to see.

Alternatively it was a bit over the top for a missed penno and tap in, but then the only thing more embarrassing for me that he wore our shirt is that some of you cunts still sing his name.


Happy for CCM as a whole to get that monkey off the back though. Brisbane and Wests will now be looking nervously over their shoulders.

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Please don’t watch my celebrations then. Hahah.

I thought the celebration was apt given we had not won in eleven months and the frustrations of the past two games.


Happy for CCM, really, but that’s just me.

My last goal was from a mishit cross, didn’t even see it go in as I’d turned around in disgust. As the boys jumped all over me I held a hand up in sheepish apology to the keeper. I hate seeing stuff like the Yeboah one in Perth, lad goes off on a lap of honour after a ball he knows nothing about hits him in the face and dribbles in.

Sounds like Bulut taught him that one.


Watched that again a few nights ago, the tears still rained down…

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Was gonna put this in the Where Are They Now thread for the Carney lols, but here will do…

Sources close to the club confirmed the 25-year old posted an Instagram picture of himself and former Sydney FC and Newcastle Jets teammate David Carney enjoying a drinking session at Randwick races on Saturday - a day after the 5-3 home loss to Brisbane Roar.

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With luck he will stay dumped.

I was expecting Super Dave to be about double his size by now after 9 months retirement, but he’s looking ok.

Thats the 2nd best Andrew Hoole story you will read today.

You’re most welcome.

Earlier this season against CCM I’m fairly sure the Cove sang “He always swipes right, he always swipes right, Andrew Hoole, he always swipes right.”

He drinks
He bets
He puts it on the net
Andrew Hoole
Andrew Hoole

but i prefer:

He drinks
He punts
He’s an effing c…
Andrew Hoole
Andrew Hoole


Can this forum do the old auto change trick? Andrew Hoole needs to become Danny Hoole everytime.


Maybe @Ancient_Mariner can shed some more light but there was a meeting with the club CEO Mielekamp and supporters prior to the Mariners game last night where the fans dumped on the coach, the board and the owner. The owner dosen’t give a shit though and fans just got more excuses apparently. They have no major sponsor. Masterfoods kick in a bit and Pinnacle Constructions (only because there building some units in Gosford), when building finishes they walk. Clubs a mess.

Sacking Mulvey seems like putting a bandage on a broken arm.

Any mariners fan that’s srill pitching up to every game deserves free tickets for life.

I did not make it to his talk but apparently he just announced the new board members and assured fans that the Club was staying on the Coast. Also the owner and the director of football, Mike Phelan, would be here in a couple of weeks. Just trying to calm the growing storm.