The Bundesliga Thread

Thought i’d start a thread for those fans of zee German league.

My hangover on Sat morning felt a helluva lot better after i watched Luka Jovic demolish Fortuna:

Thats just crazy.

And Bayern with a good win. Kovac has been under a lot of pressure. Always seemed an interesting move to go for him when they seem to prefer much bigger names

Bayern issue was availability though wasn’t it? Pretty sure he was the only manager they could get at the time, pretty much a last resort.

This is the first time I’ve had BeIn so I’ve been catching a bit of the Bundesliga. I don’t know what I was expecting but the standard has kind of let me down. It’s like a PL lite, helter skelter interspersed with moments of quality. It’s exciting to watch but I find that there are a lot of basic errors in the defensive 3rd that result in goals rather than the breaking down of defences through ball play. Dortmund appear to be the exception to this and Jadon Sancho looks to be a real baller. 36kph top speed on the weekend as well!

Paco Alcacer does it again. At this rate he’ll win the Ballon d’or without starting a game.

It’s an Anti-Fascist Thing: How an Obscure German Soccer Team Gained a Brooklyn Cult

Union Berlin rolled Stuttgart on away goals to be promoted to the Bundesliga for the first time ever.

Hamburg finished 4th in the 2. Buli, just one point behind Union, but remain where they deserve for at least another season.

Hamburg totally threw it away in the last couple of months. Only thing that could have made that season better for me was if St Pauli had gone up, maybe in place of Paderborn.

Bayern pulling the trigger insanely early on Kovac imo.

Seems like he was under pressure the entire 18 months he was there, yet they still won the double last season. They’ve won 3/3 in the Champs League so far this season, including that absolute mauling of Spurs a few weeks ago, and are only 4 points off top in the Bundesliga (nailed on they still win it). Sure they got hammered by Eintracht at the weekend, but they did play with 10 men for 80 minutes.

Hope the next young manager they look at tells them to GGF.

It’s an interesting decision. I watched the mini match for the frankfurt vs Bayern game . They did get torn apart but that can happen sometimes, especially as you said with an early red card.

I’m a Gladbach fan and am loving being top of the table at the moment, but I can’t see us remaining there for too long and I’d predict that Bayern will bounce back from their slowish start.

Absolutely, but its hard to imagine anyone else but Mourinho taking over. I dare say any bad result was going to be a justification in their eyes to pull the trigger. This is Bayern we’re talking about, after all.

There’s reports going around that Wenger is their #1 target after Ralf Rangnick turned them down.
Mourinho will take over from Emery or Pochettino.

Scenes in the Bundesliga this morning as David Abraham flattens the Eintracht coach.

That’s a fucking dog act. Forza Freiburg.

That would’ve only been acceptable if it had happened to Kevin Muscat! lol

Is this the same Freiburg that…

There should be a banner about this at the next match.

Abraham has been suspended for the remainder of 2019, will miss 6 or 7 matches and only eligible again in January. The Freiburg substitute who also got red carded for retaliating while still on the bench got 3 matches. Seems about right on both counts.

Not a lot of surprises on the final Europa match day, but the big one being Gladbach knocked off (and out) at home by Basaksehir in the final minute. The defensive organisation from a recycled free kick and second delivery in was amateur hour, so many blokes standing and watching when they should‘ve been defending like their lives depended on it.

They did manage to go up the other end and hit the post in injury time, but maybe it’s better for them to be out and focus on the Bundesliga. They, Dortmund, Leipzig and Schalke are never going to have a better chance to knock off Bayern (and forza Freiburg!).

I watched the game. Gutted that we (gladbach) are out, but as you said, at least we can focus on the domestic competition. Gladbach haven’t won it since the 1970’s and only Bayern and Dortmund have won since 2009.

I understand it’s reviving an old tradition, but Bayern playing the Cancan as a goal celebration is unbelievably shit.