The weather thread: smalltalk edition

Spent 20 minutes at Circular Quay tram stop waiting to get across the road. Unfortunately the Spaniards who built it learnt noting from the Romans about road drainage.

Bring back cobblestones

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But what have the Romans ever given us?

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Wet enough for you?

I think the main event is coming tomorrow. Over 80mm predicted up in the mountains (and presumably everywhere else).

Beautiful weather.

I love rainy days :slight_smile:

Our office flooded overnight (for the third or fourth time…), this time it got into the lights so we can’t switch them on as they killed the circuits. All the other power works though.

Fucken rain!

I can’t believe it. Pissing down rain and the bus turns up on time. Not only that there was hardly any traffic. Actually got to work early. Amazing. Usually it’s a nightmare if it even looks like a drop of rain. Gear lubricating


Bit moist

Good day for ducks.

Half my office put in requests to WFH yesterday. Amazing that systems developed for a once a century pandemic can now be utilised whenever people can’t be arsed to pack a brolly.

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I don’t know if many of your office use PT, but the trains often come to a halt with significant rain. It’s completely understandable that people don’t want to risk that.


It’s inevitable that a tree will fall onto the tracks somewhere in the North Shore and fark up the trains crossing the bridge and heading West.

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Not to mention there has been official advice to limit non-essential travel in this weather.

Apparently it’s going to get even crazier into the afternoon

I’m supposed to be taking a train up to Newy tonight after work.

Let’s hope the ol’ Shitty Rail system stays strong for today…

Half our lights eventually came back on in the office. The other half trip the circuit because they are full of water. Walls are also leaking.

Our ops director is now reconsidering pushing back the move by a month…

Observatory Hill had 111mm in the 24hrs to 9am, Sydney airport had 21. Amazing the variation in such a short straight line distance down the coast.
In an hour from 230AM, OH went from 37 to 93mm. Insane!

Son’s first game of the season washed out already, two days before it’s on. Can’t even get vicarious fitba these days :unamused:

We’ve had 21mm of rain in the last 6 months :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: