The weather thread: smalltalk edition

Big storms hitting Sydney this afternoon.

Not quite the ferocity of Friday night, but I’m sure Waragamba doesn’t need any more water…

Kids football training cancelled again… not sure they’ll see any action at this rate

Got cold quick.

Yeah, fuck this shit…

Yeah no storms here, just dropped from 16 degrees to about 6 in an hour and started sleeting for a bit.

Perfect cool weather for Robby Mak to tear apart the Stigma’s defence and….wait, no.

Disregard that.


It’s rained two days in a row in Perth.

Probably make sure you are ok with your God, this has to be the end of days.

I’m cool, me and Brosquey go way back


Piss off rain.

Looks like another wash out for the kids sport…

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Bounce trampoline park at Homebush has been a lifesaver for us with wearing the kids out. Entry also includes the obstacle courses and climbing.

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What age is appropiate for this place,

Theres a play area for little ones 2-5… we took our 3 year old there though when it was quite and they seemed pretty relaxed about him going on the trampolines

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Mine have just turned two, but play rrgularly with older kids at Tabatingas.

Might be one to check out. Entry fee?

My son & all of his little mates have had a meeting & they all want to play futsal now.