"Time to kick ass and chew bubblegum ..." - The Gamer Thread

I don’t see a gamer thread on this new forum as of yet, so here we are.

Picked up RDR2. Played a couple of hours so far, but what an extraordinary piece of work this game looks. So worth the wait and the hype. Kudos to Rockstar, again.


I haven’t bought a new game in over a year, between the Xbox Gold 4 games each month and the Xbox Gamepass with another half-dozen each month usually with a new release AAA title chucked in, means I already can’t keep up.

$100 a year for 120 new games a year.

RDR 2 is tempting but I have a play queue a mile long already

Disappointed that Rockstar didn’t release RDR2 on PC. Im guessing they’re going the GTA V route and might release it down the track.

I ended up picking up an Oculus Rift a couple of months ago, Fallout 4 in VR is pretty amazing. I’ll probably pick up Skyrim VR when it goes on sale.

Pretty sure they’re releasing a Red Dead Online or something similar in the near future. That’s what I read, anyway.

RDR2 is amazing, but no point going in half assed. Let it consume your every thought.

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84gb fuck me dead

Pretty sure the first patch on the first day was 3GB on top of that

Flicked on RDR2 tonight for the first time. I’m only 2.5 hours into the game and already it is consuming my thoughts.

It’s only just starting to get good at that time as well given the slow pacing and limited options for the first couple of hours.

Really don’t have enough time to play all the games I wanna play

Spider-Man was really fun, I enjoyed and now wanna get the three DLC parts.

RDR2 was excellent, it consumed my weekends for a month, the online side I’m not finding as fun, probably because I don’t play with friends.

Assasins Creed and Just Cause 4 still sitting there waiting to be played.

So what have people been playing in their offseeason?

Personally - I’ve been hammering through a few titles on the switch that had built up:

  • Breath of the wild : pretty jaw-dropping at first. Once that wears off, it’s still fun to play through. I like the “large enough but not too overwhelming” open world that it has. Still going but slowly losing steam a couple boss fights in.

  • Hollow Knight : good fun for the first 5-6 hours but then I sorta got bored. Like I often do with the s0-called metroidvania style of games. Glad to have given it a shot and enjoyed my time with it though

  • Overcooked 2 : played this to death with the GF - including all the DLC. Top stuff after you give it an hour or two for the finicky controls not to piss you too much anymore. Plenty of stress at times, but still somehow manages to be fun and lots of “Ah ha!” moments when you finally work out the quickest way to do a level

  • Smash bros. ultimate : been slowly making my way through the spirit mode thing where you collect all these different… whatever they ares. Totally didn’t get the point of it for the first hour or two, but read a guide online and now I like it a lot more. Great game to sort of dip in and out of I find. If you come back after a couple weeks break and you’re too shit with the guy you’d been using, it’s a neat time to try someone else. So many characters in it now that it’s almost a guaranteed variety of fun experiences every time you turn it on, which is why I play games now

My wife and I played through the first and second one. We haven’t got through the DLC yet but it is hands down my favourite co-op game in years. Maybe Borderlands is the only one I can think of that beats it.

Apart from ongoing playing of Football Manager, I’ve been sinking a lot of hours into Slay the Spire. I didn’t think I’d like it as much as other people but I’ve completely fallen for it. The deck building mechanics are highly addictive and mean that no two games feel even remotely similar. Highly recommended.

I’ve also been playing a bit of Mario Maker 2 which I am terrible at but generally enjoy anyway.

Just made the traditional return every 2 years or so to Minecraft.

Enjoying playing this with the kids, as it gets the unsociable teenage one out of her bedroom and the younger one away from Fortnite.

We also played Overcooked 2 as a family (family Xmas gift we could all play) but were pretty crap at it. Maybe 4 people is too many. Or maybe we are shite.

I’m desperately hanging out for the Last of Us sequel.

Currently playing the whole Bioshock series. Absolutely loving them. Number 1 was pure class, two was a bit of a let down, but Infinite has got to be one of my favorite games so far. The sheer length of the single player campaign is immense, then throw in all the story telling etc, definitely very enjoyable.

Also popping back into playing Total War Attila. Surprisingly enough, once you start to get into it, I don’t think it’s that bad. Playing as Eastern Roman Empire, once you have some decent armies set up, taking on the Huns is quite enjoyable.

Playing War Thunder, Anthem and Bard’s Tale IV

War Thunder is a free to play plane/tank/ship battle game, pay to win stuff but fun nonetheless

Anthem is a Destiny clone with more fun and more shit to do, Bard’s Tale IV is a exactly what it sounds like, an old school RPG

Been playing a heap of Co-op Monster Hunter World with a few mates. Not really into Japanese games/anime and whatnot but I’ve been having heaps of fun with it, the melee combat is pretty good and varied and the weapon and amour progression is great. Not sure if bother playing solo but it’s a good game to relax and talk shit with mates.

sh*t got through towards the end of bioshock infinite and now the game keeps on screwing up… can’t loot objects etc. Tried looking online but looks like it’s a common enough glitch without any real solution. Tried the online suggestions RE altering graphics etc and still screwed. So annoyed as was really looking forward to finishing it!

Shame, the ending IS that game.

That last fight though - no thanks.

Hmm sounds like I need to go play through Bioshock one day… I started the first one and was enjoying it but then got distracted. Never played anything else from the series even though I knew I’d probably enjoy it.

Gears 5 lots of fun, escape mode is enjoyable, peeps v bots is a good way to get some experience before getting your ass handed to you by 13 year-olds in pvp