Where are they now?

Also saw someone mention on thew facebook group that Rodwell was apparently sighted in the WSW training paddock with Ninko

Both being put out to pasture.

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Mate saw him at Eastern Creek shops last week, assumed he just lived out that way with the missus being from WS but would be hilarious if they took him back at Blacktown.

Del Piero has spent too much time around the Sth Americans

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Geez, Wesley Schneider looks like he’s been imprisoned in a buffet since his retirement.

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“Here are 26 of the 52 players to have received professional contracts either at Sydney FC, in the A-League or at overseas clubs after coming through our Academy system:”


Came here to post just this.

Is Chris Zuvela still playing at all?

I guess I can wait until the next part of the article, but does anyone know what Kuleski is up to these days?

I’m pretty sure he was the first academy grad ever to play for Sydney in the A-League, but only ever played that one time.

Playing at Blacktown Spartans after gigs with Sydney Olympic & Rockdale.

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SFCU has brought them together. How beautiful.


Maybe that’s related to a Diploma in Coaching license completed by some player/ex-players? I’m basing this on Mustafa Amini’s post on Facebook:


Listed as retired on Transfermarkt. I assume the injuries got to him and forced an early retirement.

Vitezslav Lavicka is apparently now the head of the Sparta Prague academy.

He had a torrid time in his first full national team role, lasting only 6 games with Kuwait.

There’s part 2.


On a somewhat related note, I wonder if anyone at the club still has Karol Kisel’s phone number?
He’s set up his own Player Agency with 51 players on its books. The vast majority are Slovak or Czech and would fit into the wage structure of an A League club.


John Kosmina was at Death of a Salesman at the theatre royal last night!


Given our success with players from that region, we should pretty much have him on speed dial, to be honest.

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David Carney ahead of the 06/07 season launch.


Why did you post an old photo of Ellen DeGeneres?