Where are they now?

37 year old foreigner in a dysfunctional team that needed to retool.

I kind of like the way our league has room for sentiment though.

WHere was the sentiment when ALF chased the money to India?

Same like that time Brosque went to Shimizu?

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I was dead against Brosque coming back after that, what fool I turned out to be!

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The same Brosque that came back and then made it clear he would play for league minimum?

Where was ALF’s sentiment when he cleared off?

Was Brosque a 37 year old taking up a foreign spot?

People, it’s professional sport.


I just didn’t believe in re-heating a souffle.

Several times I was proven wrong in that regard, Carney was another one.

So what, you’d eat a cold souffle???

I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a souffle.

I was paraphrasing Paul McCartney, when asked why the Beatles never got back together.

Who can? Brendan Gan!

Few weeks old, but Gan is still kicking about in Malaysia.

He became the first player in the Malaysian Super League to be given a red card via VAR.

Brendan becomes first player here to receive VAR red card | New Straits Times | Malaysia General Business Sports and Lifestyle News (nst.com.my)


I hope we bring him back to the club one day, perfectly qualified to replace Howie Fondyke if ever needed:

Look, I agree with you on letting him go, but not this. There was no guarantee the league would even continue with covid/Foxtel fucking us, and we needed to immediately offload wages, if anything he did us a favour.

Le Fondre’s powers were certainly on the wane in the last 12 months of his time with us. Also not easy to run around on rock hard pitches in 32c in Geelong to 4K people at aged 37.

Club did the right thing moving for Fabio - different type of player for us which we needed. Having Kosta and Le Fondre was always a strange choice for me - far too similar in profile.

But he was a great servant and certainly deserved a proper send off.

He should have just mouthed off to Alireza Faghani then